Friday, May 21, 2010

Be Still My Heart.....

It's only Home Accessories for Goodness Sakes!

I just discovered this...

I think this is just about the most perfect kitchen and sitting room imaginable.

I didn't know about this catalog of delights till today.

Did you know about this company?

I absolutely love the lamp above. It's similar to one I created. See it here - lamp. Mine was free except for the cost of paint and fabric to cover the shade.

This one below is expensive...but it's beautiful....a great inspiration.

look at this shade below...that might inspire the next shade I create.

I'm a sucker for anything mercury glass....

Love this little urn lamp too.
Is that chicken wire over the shade? Nice effect!

and this one....

This one looks to be covered in it was at the bottom of the sea for decades and then washed upon shore. 

Lots more goodness in the pages of this online catalog. 

Tell me...did you already know about Aidan Gray?


Meander said...

Ok so honey, that first picture - oh wow. I'm moving in!

Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

Wow, Nita, how gorgeous! I did not know about this online catalog but as soon as I finish this comment I am going to rush right over there! Thank you so much for sharing!!! By the way, your lamp is lovely!!

PS As soon as I hear back from my friend on her bdroom paint color, I will let you know~
xoxo Beth

the paris apartment said...

Never knew about Aidan but will look him up. Love that last shot. So cozy!

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