Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm lost

without LOST

When did Penny die? Why isn't Vincent in the church? Has Hurley been dead for a very very long time because he's been able to talk to dead people for a long time? Seeing Jack reunited with his Father was so wonderful. But I think this finale left me still with many, many questions.  How could they have been leaving the island in a plane, Kate, Sawyer, Miles and the pilot?...What was the point of that, if Kate, Sawyer and Miles were already dead? Why isn't the pilot in the church? I know why Ben isn't. He can't go in because he hasn't fully redeemed himself for all the bad he did. 

After all of that, watching every episode religiously....of course I want to go buy all of the seasons on DVD and watch them back to back. Which is exactly what the producers of LOST want me to do. 

                               but LOST


Lamp Tramp said...

I never followed Lost cause I was "lost" from the beginning, ha ha! It seems to be a show that you have to watch faithfully to understND IT.

Def give slip covering a try, it is so fun to be able to change things!

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

Girl, I am with you. Lost made me lost. I am not sure if I liked the ending. I like that the series began and ended with hottie Jack but how did Hurley die and Ben not? Why was Ben outside the church and I don't recall seeing Walt, the little boy. Ugh!

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