Monday, May 17, 2010

The Girls and I Are Back

I took a little time away from the blog. I went to visit my life long friend, Pam in Memphis.

I snapped this photo of her sweet, sweet basset, Winifred or "Winnie" as she is called. I took Sally and Violet with me and left the boys with my Mom. Winnie insisted on sleeping with us every night. She really liked Sally. I was sort of excited to sleep in a bed on this vacation with only two dogs instead of my usual four...but it turned out I slept with almost more dogs because Winnie is big and she is a bed hog. She's so sweet though I was happy she joined us.

Winifred "Winnie" Walker

The photo is a little blurry. I don't know how a dog that moves so slow could be so hard to get a good photo of but she is. She kept moving when I tried to snap a photo.

I had a great time in Memphis. Pam and her family live in Germantown and it's so pretty there. All the tall trees everywhere reminded me that in Oklahoma we really only have big bushes. Not really...but that is what it seems like after I go visit somewhere else.

I had such a nice visit in Memphis and got to go to Anthropologie for the first time. They just got one in Germantown. Rumor is that we're getting one soon in OKC. I hope so.

It was so nice to get away but I missed the boys so bad, it was ridiculous. Tornadoes and hail storms came through while I was gone...reeking havoc. Yesterday, my house got hit with a hail storm that damaged my car beyond belief and most of my girlfriend's cars. Yes, none of us had the sense to get our cars into shelter in time. We collectively decided it was nothing to whine about as we were all ok and all our family and animals are ok. 

Ok, I'm back in the posting groove now.


The Chick said...

Glad you're back! Winnie is cute! So sorry to hear about your car! I was at the Yard Dawgz game and was parked under the Cox Center, thankfully!

Traci at ThreeDogsAtHome said...

I wondered if those hail storms were near you. So sorry about your car but I am glad you did not try to move your car in during the storm. If the hail can dent your car I hate to think what it could do to your head. It should be covered under your insurance at least. Glad you and the weenies are all ok.

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