Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tower Theater on old Route 66

Lights up the Night

I live not very far from NW 23rd Street in Oklahoma City which is part of Old Route 66. Twenty third street is going through a reinvention of late...thank goodness. It was once a major street with bustling businesses. And it is becoming one again.

At the east end of NW 23rd Street lies the Tower Theater which was built in 1936. The beautiful art deco front of this theater has always amazed me. It has been closed since the 1980's. I had never seen it lit up till last month.

This is how it appeared in the past...

Over looked like this after being hit by a big truck making deliveries one day.

Last month...the restoration of the sign was completed and there was an official lighting ceremony. It now lights up NW 23rd Street each night. Soon to come will be a restaurant and the restoration of the inside to be used as a concert venue along with renovated store fronts to lease to other businesses. 

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It's so exciting to see the changes happening in my part of the city. Down the street is Atomic Lotus Tattoo and Market C with the long OKC favorite Cheever's around the corner. Across the street is Big Truck Tacos and down the street the other way is the popular Cuppies & Joes. Just across the street from the Tower Theater is one of my most favorite places to eat Thai House...if only they would do a have to look past the hideousness of this place and just enjoy the food.


Market C

Big Truck Taco photo available of Thai House...believe me just as well... it looks bad....but tastes so good.


Anonymous said...

What a cool little trip through OKC! I have never seen those places, and it felt like I was just driving down the road taking it all in :) I didn't realize that we were that close to each other... well, not that OKC and Dallas are *close* but still closer than Dallas to California ;) Thanks for the photo trip!

D.B. said...

Loved seeing TG&Y and Anthony's too! My talented nephew sometimes plays and sings at Cuppies and Joes when he is in OKC.