Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Keith's Garden

 Today, as promised a tour of my co-worker and friend Keith's wonderful garden including his 
new pea gravel patio.
His house is a sweet little tudor in one of OKC's Historic neighborhoods.
 He freely admits that he neglects his front yard because for him it's so much more fun to make 
the backyard beautiful. 
He has intention to do something more to the front but it has not been a priority.
His front flower bed is full of cactus...which is very low care.
That's a banana tree to the side of the front patio.
 Keith says he ignores his front yard but the front porch includes this amazing planter.
I think it all looks very nice...perhaps not as fully realized as the back...but still beautiful.
this planter full of a nice variety of plants
 Now, we step out his back door and one of the first pots is planted in hostas.
I am so doing this! I have not had much luck with hostas in the ground but a potted one...
I bet I can handle.
There are many planters here and there around the backyard.
 This photo came out blurry but it was a nice composition so I included.
 His yard includes a large variety of types of planters and many kinds of plants.
 In the center of the yard is the new round pea gravel patio. 
A flagstone path beyond leads to the furthest part of the yard.
 Bits of glass art dot the landscape.
 This gravel patio was created by spraying the yard with round up and then putting
down black landscape cloth. Then a few inches of pea gravel are shoveled on top.
The view to the back of the house.
The pergola was added onto the house by Keith.
 The back corner of the yard is watched over by this Buddha.
 A happy fellow.
 This rusty rooster is big. He stands about four feet tall.
 Here we have a few succulents in a planter.
 This is a giant panda. Keith found it at a Restaurant supply place.
He came from an old Chinese restaurant. He's big - like 5 feet tall.
He hides among the smoke bush.
 more of the pea gravel patio
 This yard his so full of plants! This is the far corner of the back of the house.
 A bubbly fountain sits right outside the dining room window.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of Keith's yard. 
I'm kind of amazed by all the plants in it. He just keeps adding and adding to it.
Very inspiring. 


paperjunk-lc said...

So glad to see posting again. Charming backyard!

vintage girl at heart said...

Wow he has created such an oasis for himself! I always forget that we can have this in Oklahoma when I am yearning for Florida foliage. :) Thanks for sharing it gives me motivation to get my back yard spruced up. :)

Vicki said...

What a pretty and fun yard. It's clear that he enjoys what he's doing, which is pretty inspiring.

Dewena said...

Wonderful to see your posts pop up again, Nita! I just came from visiting a post about a Tudor house and now this one--I'm so in love with this lush garden, and the pea gravel patio. And the blue glass art thingies. Love all the different greens and textures in it.

Patty Hendrick said...

Love the yard and love the pea gravel. So envious of his Japanese maple....I've killed two. What is the secret to Japanese maple???

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Hi Nita! I'm so glad you finally shared this! I'm on the verge of doing a pea gravel spot in my own yard. Unfortunately, in my world, "on the verge" means sometime in the next few years. Coming to OKC in early July for 2 weeks (at least). Are you going to be around?

Sonia said...

What a great garden! Oklahoma city has so many beautiful homes and secret gardens. I always enjoy visiting on garden tours. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

I ♥ Keith's yard!

Emily Rose said...

This is indeed inspiring. I'm trying to turn a bare back yard into a garden as fast as possible. I love pea gravel, and need some of it going on in my back yard. Lovely to see you again, hope all is well with you!

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