Friday, May 13, 2016

Morning Glories

Last week I planted Morning Glory seeds in a few pots around here.
I figured it would give me lots of green and color for little money.
I soaked the seeds in water over night after piercing each seed with 
a nail to cut through the tough outer coating.
This lets them sprout much faster.
Three days later I had little sprouts coming up. 
I'm watering twice a day and waiting for them to grow.
 In the past I only thought about Morning Glories growing up on trellises.
But they can grown from hanging pots downward too.
I love that a dead tree is covered in Morning Glories in that photo above.
Have you done Morning Glories before?
I did a few years ago in one pot in back and I really loved them.
This time I planted on the front side of the house.

I have not forgotten about showing you my friend, Keith's 
pea gravel patio.
His yard is amazing!
I got to the party just as the sun was setting because I worked late.
So I am going over again next week to take photos.

I'll share when I do.
all photos from my Container Gardening folder on Pinterest.


Dewena said...

I love morning glories but have never had much luck with getting them growing lushly.

I remember visiting my aunts in the country and they would weave string across the front porch and train the morning glories up them and it would be a curtain of blue, just glorious.

Sonia said...

I've been growing them for awhile...they self seed easily and I have to pull out a lot of seedlings out so they don't take over. A lot of bang for the buck for sure..they are so pretty. I have grown heavenly blue and a purple variety. I'm growing sunflowers from seed this year along with hyacinth bean vine. Hoping to make some pretty bouquets this year. Enjoy!

Scribbler said...

We planted some, too, from seed that Blondie sent me. The are coming along, and yesterday we bought a metal obelisk for them to climb on. I can wait till I see flowers!

Pondside said...

I think it's time for me to plant just such a gorgeous blue morning glory. We have lots and lots of wild ones here but they are all white, and I pull them out, as they grow just where I don't want them!

Kit said...

I love them! Our season is short so I buy a 4 inch pot of them. They climb a tutere made out of childrens garden tools. Love the photos! Kit

"Create Beauty" said...

I planted morning glory seeds recently too! Years ago I had some growing up a post to a bird house, and in a window box growing up around a window. Growing from seeds is not instant gratification. ... mine are only an inch or 2 tall already, and I'm in a hurry for vines! I also planted Shasta daisy seeds and they are even slower and so tiny.

~ Violet

Cindi Myers said...

I love Morning Glories!
They are one of my favorites.

Stacey said...

Hi Nita!! It's been a long time but I just popped over to say hello. I miss you and your blog. :)