Sunday, May 15, 2016

Open House Sunday

 built 1935
This lovely colonial style home sits right on the park in Edgemere Park.
My neighborhood in Oklahoma City.
I noticed big changes going on at this home a couple of years ago.
They changed the trim color on the home and it made such a huge impact.
 This is how the house looked for years. The house looked very bland painted this color.
Although I have to say I liked the more mature landscape in this old version.
 Here we are as it appears today.
Love the big planters on either side of the front steps. 
 The details on this house are very nice.
 Inside, it's rather masculine in its decor. Lots of dark gray walls.
I would like this for a den but for my main living's too dark for my liking but still it makes
for a striking room.

I like the fireplace stacked with wood. It's not practical but looks cool.
I'm sure the white marble subway tile for the fireplace surround is a renovation.
It's pretty but was probably brick originally.
 Nothing to complain about here. It's a gorgeous kitchen.
Love the way the stove is set between cabinets.
I'd be happy in this kitchen.
The industrial look continues in the dining room.
Several trends here. It looks great. Too masculine for my taste but I bet this house sells super quick.
Lovely side porch. I would have never done the ceiling in the dark color
but it's very striking.
Very tranquil bedroom. I'd love to have an upholstered bed but not practical when you
sleep with four dogs. So it's not in the cards for me.
Lots of marble tile in the bath.

 A bit austere. I could warm it up.
There is a gray laundry room too!
More of one of the bathrooms.

 Very nice back patio. Lots of potential in this backyard. I'd have fun filling it with plants.
That's a cool outdoor fireplace! Fits right in with the industrial touches around the home.

 See? Wide open space. Love the patio. I'd put lots of pots. Pots of boxwoods, I think.
This is the view out the front door. See? Right on the park.
It's a great place to live!
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Art @ Home said...

So happy you're back! Sorry I just noticed, but I haven't blogged since early April. We're too busy finishing-up Shelley's senior year. Loved seeing the videos of Franklin, and I'm so happy the little guy has recovered! I always enjoy seeing your inspirations. We love impatiens and have them planted in a large container out back. Maybe I'll post it soon!

I really like this house, but I would definitely limit the gray a bit.

Ricki Jill

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Well, that's a lot of grey! I don't like it, but it's something easy to change and the rooms are lovely, with a lot of potential with this back garden!

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