Sunday, April 26, 2015

Open House Sunday

Garden House in University Park Neighborhood
 built 1940
Isn't this the most inviting of homes? The house sits within a garden.
 A perfect enclosed front porch.
 The yard is a bit overgrown but it adds to the charm. 
I like somewhat wild bushes much better than very tidy small bushes.
The entrance to this home is just magical.
 Two large kimberly queen ferns flank each side of the door way.
 It's minimal and yet perfect.
 A large bright room just off the entry provides ample space for enjoying the garden views.
 Two sofas facing each other at the fireplace is a look I adore.
I am always pushing customers to do this look. 
I'd do it if I had the money for two sofas.
Whenever I have anyone come in and say they want a sofa and a loveseat, I discourage them.
Loveseats cost just about the same as a sofa and two sofas are so much more versatile.
 I love this room! Notice the gray sofa also included in this room.
Notice how well it works to have two modern sofas and a very traditional one used all together.
That third sofa really adds to the room. I think it works much better than two chairs would have.
But then this is a large room and it can handle a lot of furniture.
 I could live happily with this kitchen. All white...yes thank you. 
Have you noticed all the wood beams in this home? 
Sometimes wood beams seem heavy but these don't. They are just rustic enough too.
 I'm not a fan of pass throughs like this but this one is cute enough. 
I can just imagine two little ones being passed their orange juice in the morning.
 I wish the wicker chairs were a lighter color and this would be perfect.
 Of course there is a gorgeous pool out back with stone decking.
What a perfect spot for an evening meal.
 Even the barbeque area is pretty!
 Of course there is an outdoor itchen...complete with a regular stove!
Is that a common thing? I've never seen that before.
 The swimming pool looks like a blue lagoon.
 I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did!

see the full listing here.


Cynthia Myers said...


Nancy's Notes said...

Nita, I am in house heaven! Oh my goodness, this house is just gorgeous inside and out! Each room, stunning! Thanks for sharing!

Have a Sweet Sunday~


sharon smith said...

I love your open house Sunday's. This one does not disappoint! Have a great day.
The House of Hampton

vintage girl at heart said...

LOve the floors. The pool of course and all of the simple details. It has been my dream to have an outdoor kitchen and this one is really functional.
The two couches is a great idea! I bet your job is so much fun!
Hope you and the weenies are enjoying this fabulous weather we have had this weekend.
Can't wait to see your new wicker all fluffed and pretty on your porch!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

This is a good one. I love the scale of the furniture. They did a really good job of staging everything. That kitchen was so damn big it would wear me out! But it would be nice for Thanksgiving. Three people could cook on those cook tops at once!

Mari said...

So beautiful...

Pamela said...

What beautiful home that is!

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