Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Succulents for Spring

I'm crazy for succulents, aren't you?
And unlike other years I'm finding lots of them at the garden centers to purchase.
These are just a few I've pinned in my Succulent board on Pinterest.

I haven't done them in years past outside but I'm seriously considering this year.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

OH MY!!! Your pictures have sold me on them. Thinking of adding them to my rocked planting beds if I can find some as pretty as the ones you showed.

DD's Cottage said...

Very pretty-succulents are not my thing but these could make me change!

vintage girl at heart said...

Love all of these and such great container ideas too! Hope all is well in OKC.
Today's weather has sure been fabulous!!

Michelle said...

I love succulents too! And I've already put them in two of my outdoor urns this year and they are doing great. FYI - The OKC Whole Foods gets some local succulents in once in a while that are really pretty. And I even saw some tiny succulent plants a while back on West Elm. So I guess they are popular again. I remember my grandmother have lots of them.

Unknown said...

Beautiful. Loved everything here.I have been succulent lover. Thanks for sharing.