Sunday, February 22, 2015

Open House Sunday

California Bungalow
 Are you ready for a little vacation from all the winter weather?
How about a stay in this little bungalow built in 1921?
 The decor is really quite bad in the living room. But it has potential.

Nice big fireplace but the furniture is not grouped around it. 
It should be the focal point of the room but is somehow being ignored.
This room has lots of potential.
 Another angle shows how badly placed everything is. 
The hearth has these amazing Arts & Crafts tiles in it.
Someone did the kitchen up right. 
It's very cute and workable.
 Basic master bedroom
  They kept the original floor tile and mirror and windows...I do love that!
Oh...and that tub!
 Aren't the surf boards a nice touch against the wall?
 But this is the space where you'd want to be all the time.
 What a fun outdoor space!

 See the full listing here.

Let's compare this bungalow with one in Oklahoma City.
I have been driving by this house for quite awhile and have noticed it was for sale.
built 1925
 This bungalow could really go for some landscaping. That would make all the difference.
I'd beef up those porch posts if I bought it.

This house sits in a pretty good neighborhood. It's cute! It just needs a little love on the outside.
The inside is pure bungalow..nice to see all these details are in tact. 

 There is a large window seat in the dining room.
The kitchen has been totally redone.
 I'm not sure what that flooring is. I love the colors on the walls throughout this house.
Love the large subway tile up the wall.
 light and pretty
Lots of empty rooms just waiting for someone to move in.

More subway tile in the bath. 

See full listing here.


Cynthia Myers said...

I like both homes, A LOT.
The first, I like the furniture but Yes, it needs to rearranged and it needs ART! and pillows and...
The second one, while I adore white, that fireplace seems very out of place.
It looks like they thought about painting it and the woodwork white and then changed their minds.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Both are pretty. I love the interior of the second one, and the exterior of the first.

vintage girl at heart said...

what a huge price difference! i would love to live in the first one but my purse will not allow it! lol.
the second one is so charming and i love the original details. a great price too.
hope you and the weenies are warm and ready for this weather.
perfect for snuggles!

Connie said...

I live in a little bungalow built in 1905, so I love seeing what people are doing and have done to fix them up. We bought ours last spring and it was a major fixer-upper. We are having fun making it home and we love it. Our problem is that someone came in, in the seventies and paneled the rooms with this awful dark paneling. The fireplace is gorgeous, but has a bit of a seventies flagstone style. We have been working with it and after painting the paneling (two coats of primmer and three coats of paint to cover that dark paneling) it has started to take back some of the vintage charm.
Love this post.
Thank you,
Connie :)

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Both have so much potential. I'm wondering if the floor in the scond one isn't painted concrete.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I like both bungalows. A little TLC and furnishings and they'd both be bright cozy homes. Thanks for sharing!

I hope Violet is doing better!

Donna Wiley said...

I like both bungalows because they have been updated without removing the vintage character, although, I prefer the house in Oklahoma City. It's got great details including a window seat in the dining room. The lack of landscape doesn't bother me because I'd rather do that myself.
However, the California bungalow has the unbeatable combination of being move in ready, having great usable outdoor space and, last but not least, it's near the beach.

Debby said...

They both are really cute. A little TLC for sure.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I'm a little tempted by the okc bungalow. I can't quite figure out where it is.. 41st and Classen?

Cindy said...

The first house is really nice, but I LOVE the second one. I could see myself living in that one. You do find the best houses!