Thursday, February 26, 2015

Girl Power!!!

I was thrilled by Patricia Arquette's speech at this year's Oscars.
Jesus looks on in approval.

It thrilled Meryl Streep and J Lo too.
Patricia received a lot of heat after her speech because people thought she was implying 
that gays and people of color did not include women.
Of course she meant ALL women! 
I was super proud of her. So glad she put it out there.
If you think there is equal pay for have not been working.
Even at jobs where it is guaranteed equal pay. 
Women just don't get promoted...hmmmm funny how that is. 
So good for you Patricia saying what should have been said ages ago!

Now let's talk fashion. Some would say talking about how a woman is dressed is demeaning to women. 
I don't think so...we love's ok to critique the fashions themselves.

First, dresses I liked....
 Loved this silver sparkle number on Anna Faris.
Somehow it was understated and I thought perfect for her.
 Ok, I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I did not like this necklace with this dress.
Scarlett Johanssen rocked it but I just thought the necklace was too much.
 Julianne Moore looks Oscar worthy in this Chanel number.
I'm not crazy about the flowers around the hips...the only thing that keeps it from being a favorite.
 Cate Blanchett's dress was boring for her. She usually does something much more provocative.
I did like the necklace but not so much with this dress.
This necklace should be worn with something much lighter.
I actually have a necklace much like this. It's great with white....I think not so good with black.

 Chloe Grace Moretz is a beautiful girl but her posture is terrible and someone needs to tell her
that just cause there are pockets in your dress does not mean you use them.
I think this could have been good if she'd stood up straight and kept her hands out of the pockets.

Naomi Watts' dress was very modern and I thought I should hate it
but I didn't. It was a nice change of pace. She wore it great!
 I thought Oprah looked grand!
Loved this dress on her and her spanks did not let her down.
They did the job. Gorgeous dress on one of our national treasures.
Nancy O'Dell looked like she should be accepting an Oscar instead of
interviewing stars on the red carpet.
I think she was a little over she was trying to steal the spotlight.
But she looks magnificent.

On the other hand, Lara Spencer looked pretty, modern and appropriate for interviewing.
 I liked Emma Stone's dress a lot. I don't think the slit needed to be that high.
One thing I really liked were her shoes. So many wear high heeled sandals and
I think many gowns look better with actual shoes, not sandals. These were perfect.
 I didn't see Kelly Ripa at the show but did see this photo online.
I think this dress is perfect for Oscars. She looked better than many of the nominees.
 Reese Witherspoon looked fantastic in this Tom Ford.
It wasn't my favorite but it was a winner.
 Dakota Johnson is the darling of the moment.
This was a nice dress for her...although she seems to be lacking in the curve department.
I loved seeing her and her Mom bicker on the red carpet.
Jessica Chastain got curves. I never thought of her as a vava voom type.
But this dress shows off her figure.
Yet it seems kind of old fashion for her.
I just didn't feel it with Gwyneth Paltrow's Ralph & Russo gown.
She had it changed from it's original design at Ralph & Russo's Spring 2015 runway.
I do like the original version of the dress.

The Worst
 Remember when Nicole Kidman used to be the Queen of the Red Carpet?
She could do no wrong. Well lately...she never has on the best dress.
This was one of the worst. It looks cheap, reptilian.
I think Marion Cotillard is a wonderful actress and the perfect face
of Dior. I wanted to love this dress...but I just didn't...couldn't.
I didn't like her hair either. She normally is very lovely. This just wasn't her night.
I wanted to love Lady GaGa's dress but I just didn't.
It was just too big...too much dress and too much in the gloves too.
Anna Wintour and someone....How is it that Anna Wintour is the know all
of fashion? She looks terrible here. That dress is bland and the thing on her shoulders
looks like something a girl would have worn to her prom in 1957.
I thought this dress too old looking for Margot Robbie
It's a pretty dress for an older actress.
I think Sally Field wore one like this last year and rocked it.
I guess Margot gets points for not being too sexy.  
 This is Chrissy Telgen. I'm not sure who she is exactly. I've seen her before and 
she is John Legend's girlfriend. But this dress is awful. It takes 
the leg slit to a new height. Just terrible. 
Might have been a pretty dress if that slit were sewn up.

The Best

I love this red number on Rosamund Pike although I think it needed just a little red jewelry with it.
Usually, I think everyone wears too much jewelry that distracts from their dresses but in this case,
I think it needed some big ruby earrings.

Sienna Miller's dress was just about my favorite of the night.
Although I could not name one movie that I've ever seen her in.
I know I have seen her...but I just don't ever remember her.

Here I lightened the photo in photoshop so you could see the details.
I loved the velvet bows. It's really really pretty.

 Meryl Streep looked her best ever! I adored this on her!
So elegant! So age appropriate. Love her!
 I really have no idea who Joanna Newsom is...but I love this dress.

Best of the Night for me was Jennifer Lopez.
This is all perfection.
Perhaps her boobs are a little too out there...we kind of expect that from her, don't we?
Its just all so fabulous and it's the perfect color on her.

So that is my Oscar fashion rap up.
Sorry it's a little late.

Violet had another seizure.
I took her to the vet today and she is now
taking phenobarbitol to control them. 

The seizure she had Monday night just about did me in.
I'm hoping this will be the answer.

The vet says we could spend $1,000 and do a MRI to find out what is going on in her head
but she would get the same treatment no matter what we find.

So I'm hoping this helps the situation and I have a few more years with her.


paperjunk-lc said...

We share the same opinions on dresses. I loved Rosamund Pike's dress too. Meryl was so smart and elegant. I also loved Lara Spencer's dress ~ great color. I have her decorating books and really love her style.

Jan said...

I missed a few prior blog post (busy days). Today I read that your sweet pup has seizure, for that I'm so sorry. Just a note our dog too was having seizures, several in fact. We took her off her regular dog food to a grain free product and they stopped. The process of getting to that decision was drawn out but, that's the short of it. Might be worth a try. I know the pain of watching them have a seizure is beyond painful the first time she had one I thought she was going to pass. Keep us posted please.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Thanks for the Oscar rerun of the dresses.
I like seeing them over and over.
I agree also with your words about the dresses.
It's all about showing the boobs today in Hollywood, especially since they paid so much for them and endured such pain for them LOL

Adam Hazlett said...

"Jesus looks on in approval".....TOO FUNNY!
Sorry to hear Violet had another seizure,
I do hope that treatment will work.
wishing for the best!

Razmataz said...

Gaga looked like she was just about to go wash the dishes. And Nicole Kidman's red belt was awful and the dress was just not up to par. J Lo always looks good. I would like to see that dress with deep cleavage but less boob. I adored Gwyneth Paltrow's dress. Especially from the side.

Sorry to hear about Violet. It is agonizing having an older dog. We just lost our old boy on Monday. I hope you have lots more days of snuggling with Violet.

Donna Wiley said...

I agree with your comment that most evening gowns would look better with shoes than strappy sandals. Emma Stone's Peep toe shoes are cute and compliment her dress.
Poor Violet. I feel bad that she had another seizure. I hope the medication works.

Anonymous said...

Loved the fashion post! I have a lady crush on that Lara Spencer; I thought she looked just great! Ditto for Sienna Miller's gown. I know she + Jude Law used to be an item, but that's all. I don't think I've seen her in a movie, either. ((DOGGIE)) Best wishes from another Dachsie mom.

Anonymous said...

It's delightfully pretty + very on trend, but very bland in a hotel lobby sort of way. Meh. I am wrestling with this issue in the kitchen of our Dutch colonial re-do. Everything's so new, so far. I need to add something vintage!

Loribeth Clark said...

Sorry to hear about Violet. Our dog has seizures too. She's had them for years and gets phenobarbital twice a day to control them. I hope you find a treatment that works!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I loved MEryl Streep's outfit. Very elegant.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes! women are still not paid equally.
I remember a guy being hired at work instead of a girl for a certain position and he automatically was offered more than the previous worker had been paid and he was the biggest slacker! Grrr.
You don't remember the movies Sienna Miller has been in because she doesn't look the same. She was in Alfie and Factory Girl to name a couple. I know this because I used photos of her short blonde haircut to show my hair stylist.
I agree about Nancy O'Dell. I didn't even watch the interview part because they annoy me with their silly questions and how they try to be funny. It's not about THEM it's about the actor.
I agree with most of your picks but surprised you didn't include Lupita's pearl dress.
I don't care for Jennifer Lopez so it probably colors my opinion of her dress but I'd say my favorite was Rosamund Pike's.
(Anna Wintour needs a makeover! LOL!)
Give Violet some kisses from me!

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