Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just a Little Update
(aren't I cute?)
 I got an email the other day from a nice lady asking if I'd be interested in blogging
about my experience shopping and using's products.
She asked me to view the site and let her know which items I might want.
Well, I wrote back and said I could redo my whole kitchen with what is on
Let's start with a farmhouse sink, new appliances, etc....

She wrote back and gave me a budget.
So I'm starting small....
New cabinet pulls. I've wanted bin pulls for my drawers for ages but could never find 
any the right size. I wanted some that would not involve me drilling new holes.
On you can search by style, color, metal and measurement!
That led me to several options including the one pictured above.
14 please! 
I'm keeping my existing knobs as they are perfectly fine and anything new
I would want, would look pretty much the same.
(Can you imagine it with the bin pulls instead?)
Not a big changed but I have just always wanted bin pulls.
So since I didn't spend much on the kitchen...and I already have a new kitchen faucet 
just waiting to be installed...I turned my attention to the master bath.
I like my faucet just ok in a new one seemed like a good choice.
And it says HOT and COLD...I always like that vintage touch.

As I typed this the door bell range and it was Fed Ex with my bin pulls!
Faucet is coming, separately.

I can't believe how fast the shipping was.
I chose like last Friday and here it is Wednesday and they are here already.

I can't wait to get in there and do the ol'switcheroo.

But first today on my day off...I'm going to the vet to pick up more
antibiotics for Violet.

Last Wednesday she had another seizure.
Scared me bad and I called my Vet at home.

He said just to watch her and if she has a third...we'll do something.
Next night...Thursday...she has another!

So painful to see her struggle afterwards.

As I sat with her after the third one...I thought about is there anything different in her life
that might be causing this...since the vet did blood tests and couldn't find anything wrong?

The only thing different in her life was a new food I'd fed her.

I'd bought on a whim Iams dog food...dry...naturals with no grain or chicken.
Violet has been eating canned food for the last three years because she does better on it.
She is allergic to grain and chicken.
Every once in awhile I'll buy a dry food to try her on...and she usually gets stuffed up in her nose and coughs a lot!

So I tried this new food and she seemed to do well.
She ate it and her canned food off and on for about maybe a week.
Then she had the seizure.

I took her to the vet and he said her teeth needed to be cleaned and she had an infection.
He put her on an antibiotic which I had to feed mixed in the canned food.

So she only ate canned food for a week.

A week goes seizures.
Then last Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment and I was running I just poured out
some dry for them to eat until I could get home and properly feed.
That night she has a seizure!

The next day...I fed as usual...then they acted like they were hungry later in the day so I poured out
some of the dry. That night Violet had another seizure!
All three of these seizures have happened while she was sleeping.
But afterwards she cannot sleep and she is totally out of it and crying and it takes hours for her to settle down and go to sleep.

So I looked up on the internet to see if seizures can be related to food and read that they can be.

So....I called my vet yesterday to tell him what I think and he says I could be right.

So now...she's going to have another week of antibiotics and I'll watch her and then we'll decide
if we'll do the teeth cleaning or not.

She needs the teeth cleaning cause we don't want the infection to spread to her organs.

For a few days she seemed a little unsteady on her feet but she seems to have recovered from that.

The vet said she could just have been sore from the actual seizure.

Plus she seemed like she couldn't see well...he said that too can be an after affect but that hopefully her
eyesight would return.
I think it has.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

The bin pulls will be GREAT in your kitchen.

Soooo sorry about Violet's troubles. I hope the seizure issue gets completely resolved so she can get her teeth cleaned. Bless your heart, Nita. It is so hard to have a sick pet... just like a sick child! Sending a hug your way ~ tanna

Dewena said...

Please get well, Violet, you know I love you!

Nita, please give her a kiss for me.

Otis & Milo are doing great but we have little Milo on a low dose mild prescription for what is basically dementia, often called Sundowners in dogs. He's fine in the daytime but was trying to bite Otis at night. The medication has helped so much.

Otis does have a heart murmur and his teeth need cleaning too but they are concerned about sedating him. His heart condition has not yet needed any medication.

Just wanted to catch you up on them since you saw their pictures when I first saw them online. They are such a joy!

DD's Cottage said...

Love the faucets but am sorry to hear about Violet!

Debra@Common Ground said...

so glad you put 2 and 2 together with the food. how crazy is that? and I'm so happy she's doing better this week. Love the bin pulls and new faucet!

Cynthia Myers said...

Jeez, I hope it's the food.
That certainly makes sense.
I switched Blue off of his food and he started chewing on his paw pads and scratching like crazy. I was so mad at myself. It took antibiotics and the time it took for him to eat through another big bag of his grain-free food to get him back to his old self again.
I'm never taking him off grain-free again!
I'm feeling the same worry right now too.
Twinkle, my little Chihuahua just had a small seizure this morning. As far as I know, it was her first....
I hate that my dogs are getting old.

Donna Wiley said...

I hope you can find out what is causing Violet's seizures because it sounds like it's taking a toll on her. Years ago I went to a holistic veterinarian who taught me the importance of feeding my pets good food. Its the best advice I ever got because my pets have lived longer, healthier lives. Yet, even when given premium food, one of my cats developed an allergy to the protein source and had to be fed a venison/rabbit diet. So, you maybe on the right track to solving Violet's problem.
I've been meaning to tell that I just love your kitchen. You've taken a plain Jane space and added personal touches and accessories like the spice rack to make it into something special. Yes, we would all love to have the kitchen of our dreams but you prove that you can have style on a budget. The bin pulls will add a nice touch. has a nice selection of pulls and the prices aren't bad either.

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