Friday, January 30, 2015

the bouqs!

The Sweetest Rose
 I was recently contacted by
asking if I'd take a dozen fresh roses in exchange for blogging about the experience.
Well, yes to that!

I was given a store credit and told to pick my bouquet.
I picked the one called "Killer".
A gorgeous magenta pink long stem rose.

I've added a sponsorship button on my right margin that you can click on and 
if you buy...I earn a little money. (that's nice)

So when you order....
You schedule online when you'd like the flowers to deliver. 
I believe I did this on a Friday night and told them for next Wednesday.
On Monday, I got an email telling me they were on the way.

Wednesday morning they arrived via Fed Ex.

They were super fresh and came with very long stems.
I cut them to fit my small hobnail vase.

As life goes...I was unable to photograph them on Wednesday and 
Thursday too was a loss but today, Friday I snapped some photos.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and these photos are not as clear as I would like.
These hot pink roses would be just the thing to send someone for Valentine's Day.
Actually, they are just the thing to send yourself for Valentine's Day!

I was very pleased with the quality and freshness of the you can see...
this is day three and they show no signs of fading.

They were just what I needed with my morning tea on my day off.

I highly recommend ordering from

If you go to their site, let me know what you think of all the choices.
You too can sign up to be an affiliate. 

Are you in the mood for Valentine's Day. 
I am!

Oh...I forgot to mention...tomorrow...January 31st is my 5 year Anniversary for blogging!
Very hard to believe.

Check out my latest post about these roses.
They have lasted over a week and still look wonderful!
Read here

Thanks for always being there!

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Debby said...

They are beautiful. I bet they did brighten your day.

Cynthia Myers said...

They DO have some beautiful flowers.
I think I would want someone to send me....The Best Around
or maybe Cake and Cream.
Truly, I'd be ecstatic if I received any of these bouquets!
Maybe next year.

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

Just beautiful!

vintage girl at heart said...

These are lovely and a much needed ray of pink for these gloomy days we keep having!Love your tea set too.
Happy Blog Anniversary!
I've enjoyed every post!

The Refeathered Roost said...

Beautiful roses...I'll have to visit their website. Happy Anniversary!

Mary Vitullo said...

Happy 5th Anniversary. The roses are beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh bouquet of roses.
Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

DD's Cottage said...

Very pretty!

My thrift store addiction said...

Oh how I love pink roses--they are just gorgeous! Happy blogging anniversary! Hugs, Cecilia

Sonia said...

Beautiful roses and Happy Anniversary Nita! Your blog is wonderful and a treat to visit every time!
Miss Bloomers

Donna Wiley said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! The deep pink roses are gorgeous especially with the pink transferware. All the flowers are pretty at Bouqs but I especially like the pink ranunculus and freesias.