Sunday, January 18, 2015

Open House Sunday

London Calling.....
A Grand London Residence
 Ah....a flat in London. I guess this is quite a bit more than a's a townhouse by 
A grand entrance for a grand home.
I love these blue gray velvet sofas with the greige walls. 
This just illustrates how cold and warm grays can work together.
 There are several living spaces in the home.

This space just off the dining room...or rather at the end of the open dining room.
 Modern yet...traditionally inspired kitchen.
What do you think of the light fixtures? They are gorgeous...but I feel just too big.
I know they are suppose to be big...but I think they are just too much.
It's a great kitchen though.
 Lots of pretty marble. Very unusual tile floor. 
 Another sitting area...this time just off the kitchen.
Do you like the dark gray cabinets?
Navy walls in this little room create high style and yet it's cozy.
Now this is quite the bath. Adore the huge tufted ottoman.

 This is the only view of a bedroom.

The back yard has a very formal patio!
That outdoor fireplace does not look like an outdoor fireplace at all!


Sue Silva said...

Oh, Nita! I'd feel lost in there. It's lovely, but I much prefer my tiny bungalow.

Happy Sunday!

DD's Cottage said...

Very lovely home, but it doesn't look cozy and homey to me!

vintage girl at heart said...

i miss you and the weenies blog posts. hope this year is a better year for all of us. happy 2015!

Scribbler said...

My husband and I were looking though this post while waiting for the breakfast casserole to cook. We agreed that kitchen lights are weird, and while there is much very beautiful craftmanship in this house, it doesn't like a home. I am surprised at the lack of color, because all these greys and drab tones really would be very dreary in London.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

What beautiful windows!

Fabiana said...

The Brits really know what they're doing. Love the classic style and design.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Love those gray cabinets. Agree with you on the size of the lights.

Kit said...

I don't know about this space. I need cozier. While I looked at the pics I felt cold. Gorgeous tho. Thanks for posting. :) Kit

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I think the ottoman wouldn't even fit in my bathroom! It's a gorgeous place, but as mentionned in the comments, I find it a little cold, a little too profesionnal!

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