Sunday, February 2, 2014

Open House Sunday

Hollywood Heights, Dallas Cottage
built 1929
Today's house is a pretty little tudor revival cottage in Dallas.
I know I'd like the people that live here...they have a dog painting over the fireplace.
They must be nice.
Look at that huge ornate mirror in the corner!
Unusual sofa. Looks like a great spot for a nap to me!
Big comfy area rug would really complete this room.
Wedding cake chandelier above a picnic sort a table.
I have a soft spot for wedding cake chandeliers.
Looks like there is an industrial bar cart in the corner.
Unusual hutch on the wall at right.
Really love the built ins in this room
and the diamond pane windows.
I do love the cabinets in the kitchen. 
The ones on the right appear original while the ones on the left
were probably added at a later date.  This is how most of these homes are.
Originally, cabinets were only on the sink side of the room.
That is how my kitchen was and most in my neighborhood.
See? Those cabinets which are now on the right....don't go to the ceiling. 
They don't match the others on the opposite side.
I'm not sure where this is. Looks lie a butler's pantry. 
The porch has been closed in on this home. I prefer a porch left open. 
They did a nice job on this though. I like the way they trimmed out the arched window/old porch opening.
Pretty little bedroom. I never thought about those ties at the tops of curtains being so distracting.
I guess they are because they show up brightly against the dark walls.
 Cute little bath. A friend of mine has a bathroom similar to this with a window above the sink.
It seems weird and poorly planned at first but then just add a mirror in front of it and you get all this 
great natural light. When my friend bought her house I thought this strange and she didn't like it
but she ended up loving it because you are doing your makeup in natural light!
Love the claw foot tub and the original pedestal sink.
 Another pretty bedroom.
Again the tabs at the top of the windows are distracting and I always thought I liked those.
 Really love this bathroom. The subway tile, the floor, the original medicine cabinet but especially that sink! 
I love those kinds of sinks. 
This is probably what my sink was like in my house originally.
I now have a newer pedestal sink. It's nothing special. It's not what I would ever choose.
I believe my original one is out in my garage.
A long time ago the people that lived in my house in the 60's and 70's put a bathroom in the garage.
It is nothing fancy and actually its rather scary but the little old man that lived here liked to 
work out in the garage and he wanted a bathroom out there so he didn't have to come in the house
to clean up.

So there is a toilet and a sink out there ...both I believe to be the original ones to my master bath.
Maybe someday I'll bring it back in the house.

but back to this house....
Another bedroom...
and an upstairs sitting area. This is the room I'd live in.
 Nice backyard but needs a deck or patio and some landscaping.
Someone will buy this and turn it into a jewel.
I do like the little stone path. I know some weenie dogs that would really love this.
Weenie dogs love walking along paved paths instead of trodding through the grass.

see full listing here

I'm off this today and looking forward to a nice quiet Super Bowl Sunday.


Sonia said...

What a beautiful home! Love going on open houses with you. Glad you are off today...I'm watching the snow fall. Enjoy your day.
Miss Bloomers

Cynthia Myers said...

I like this house, a lot.
I'd change dome of the furniture and add some more Art, but I really like the house itself.
Very pretty.

Margaret Zareba said...

Wow! This house is amazing from the outside!!! I like the architecture.


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Beautiful and cozy!! Loving all that green!

Kathi said...

The colors are peaceful and soothing through out. I would love to live here if I was a newlywed. Adorable!

Pamma said...

Wow, really love this house! The roof color is just so perfect and the interiors as pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Custom Comforts said...

Lovely home. So many nice features. I really liked the green in the living room, but grew quickly tired of it after seeing it in every room. I think the porch was my favorite.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I love this house! It's very similar to my friend's turn of the century Craftsman with the same built-ins. I'd love to have those bathrooms in my home!

An Urban Cottage said...

Cute house, love the kitchen but waaaaaaaay too much green.

Sue in Texas said...

I love the Hollywood Heights area. Nice home!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

This house has some damn good bones! I love the way those sinks look, but not having hot and cold water come from the same faucet is not good.