Sunday, February 23, 2014

Open House Sunday

Yellow Bungalow
built 1920
A happy bright yellow bungalow in the Virginia Highlands Neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.
I love the windows on this one.
Diamond panes everywhere.
A nice big front porch on welcomes.
Step into a bright large living room.
I don't know what is up with all those rug samples in the foreground.
Very distracting. You'd think they would have picked them up for these listing photos.
Other than that...I really like the decor of this cottage.
a collection of vintage paintings graces the mantel.
Lots of windows. Love the window seat.
I'd make that plant scoot over so I could sit down.
 Notice the tree trunk table? 
I really like all the french doors to the dining room.
I've seen bungalows before that have french doors leading to the dining room.
I think they are so pretty but don't know what purpose they serve.
Antler candlesticks....shall we count the trends we've seen in the house already?
1. flea market paintings
2. globes
3. antlers
4. tree trunk table
 Of course I'd prefer this kitchen in white. As it is, it would definitely benefit from stainless appliances.
I don't usually care about stainless appliances but they would make a difference in this kitchen.

This side of the kitchen is a bit odd. Yes, this kitchen needs some help.
Bedroom has a modern masculine vibe.

A little bathroom that will do. Notice the little mirror over the little sink?

I really like this room. It has a very mid century feel.
The table by the bed is an odd choice but I love the nook full of art.
Very pleasant bath. Love a claw foot tub, don't you?
Love the exposed brick.
The backyard looks a little wild but I like it. I love the brick wall back there and the fountain or pound.
I wonder if there are koi in it?
A brick patio provides a nice place to have dinner outside. 
Bungalows are always cheerful homes, don't you think?

Especially one painted sunny yellow!

see the full listing here

I hope you are having a Super Sunday!


Cynthia Myers said...

I think the French doors are there to keep the pets out while you are eating. :D
The clawfoot tub, yeah they are pretty but since I have one, gotta say I wish it was a tiled shower/tub.
Lots of "different" decorating choices but the one that bugs me is that little bathroom mirror off-center. That would drive me crazy. They need to switch it out with the one in the other bathroom.
But all my critical comments aside, I really like this house.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I have dreams of living in a little yellow bungalow one day!

Cindy said...

I could live in that yellow bungalow! I would reface the kitchen cabinets with a white reface and put white doors on them. I agree with all of your comments, makes me wonder if it was decorated by a male, it all looks very masculine.

Janet Pigman said...

From the rug samples in the living room not picked up before listing shots, the weird kitchen sink area, the uncared for backyard and a few more clues, I am guessing this Bungalow is owned by a young professional man.
He would do well to have a stager come in.
I love the yellow outside and the house has many great features. The kitchen does need some help.

Donna-s Lair said...

Nita, your comment about the fountain containing koi made me laugh....the answer is, yes!! Dead ones!! Like the yard. Looks like a guy lives there, doesn't it?? :-)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I love the outside of the home and the bright sunny interior with all those windows. Thanks for sharing!

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