Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pink Chairs

For Valentines?
I'm working on a project that involved me looking up lots of different sorts of chairs online.
In honor of fastly approaching Valentine's are some scrumptious pink chairs.
That bathroom above is like a wedding cake with pink accents, isn't it?
I love everything about it from the marble to the white cabinets, the fixtures, the roses and the chair.
I'm not usually one for black furniture but the accents of pink make this really work for me.
By the way...I picked up my marble for my kitchen island and it is perfect!
My island is currently white but a different shade of white than my cabinets.
I'm thinking I should paint the was the first color I thought of...but
I'm not really a black furniture person.

But put a big splash of pink on it and I am.
We'll discuss the island in the near future.
Oh...a little mid century modern...please...yes!
These bumble gum pink chairs with the tulip table just send me.
If you've read this blog for'll know I want a Saarinen tulip table in my dining room.
I've been looking for a used one...but
I can get a new one from IKEA for $199

But then, you know I have a lovely dining room table already 
so this is never going to happen unless I find one for like $50. 

Ok, back to the pink chairs.
Love the shape of this beauty and the pink velvet. 
I love lots in this image. First the room! Can you believe that room with all the chippy
turquoise paint? The dress is a little polyester looking to me but it's a nice color.
But what I really want to point out is how that chair is all tied up. Really love that.
Oh...and I love this girl's hair. I'm sure this photo came from a bridal site. 
And finally, this is the way to makeover a little bentwood chair.
Hot Pink!
This is just a precious little desk for a young girl.
Hey, I'd like it for this old girl.

Ok, I'm going back to my project.
I hope to share it soon. 
I told myself I'd work all day and night tonight on it.

No rest for the wicked!

Oh...two more things - my sweet talented friend, Valorie aka The Visual Vamp lost her precious 
Alberto suddenly two days ago.

I'm heartbroken for her.
I loved reading about her and Alberto's life in New Orleans where they both taught Tango lessons
and celebrated life each day together.

Alberto had a long running heart condition but his sudden death was not expected.

I've been thinking of her a lot ever since learning of his death.

Valorie is going to need all our support to keep going.
She's a dynamo but this will be a huge set back for her.

One more bit of sad news...

Ricki Jill of the blog Art @ Home suddenly lost her Bonnie Blue last weekend.
Little Bonnie Blue

She wrote me shortly after it happened wanting my words of wisdom since I have
been through the sudden death of a dog at an early age.

I'm afraid I didn't have any words of wisdom just words of
understanding having been there.

Same for Valorie...

I have cried and cried for both of these women the last few days.

I hurt so much for both of these women because I've been there in that dark place they are in now
and it's not a place I want to go back to.

And yet, we all will in our lives over and over...the trick is to rise up out of the pit
and live again.

I know it helped me so much to know I had friends all over the world that cared about me
during the bad times and I want both of these women to know how much I care about them now.

If you know them...go by and leave some words of comfort.

Thank you...


Debby said...

So sad about Valorie's husband. I remember when they were out of the country and he had a heart attack or something.
You are so right about not knowing what to say to someone loosing a pet. I want to say that they should get another one as soon as the hurt stops. Most people aren't open for that, but it does help mend. Too bad we can't do that with people. (((((HUGS))))

Sharon in Chicago said...

I literally gasped when I read about Alberto. Oh, Valorie, my heart aches for her.

Scribbler said...

I love your selection of chairs -- you know you had me at Hot Pink!

You are a sweet empathetic person. I already conveyed my sympathy to Valorie and RJ. It is as sad to lose a beloved pet as any other family member. My sweet cocker spaniel was the pet love of my life, and I have never gotten another after he died nearly 20 years ago. I am not sure I could take it again.

Margaret Zareba said...

The bumble gum pink chairs are my favorite. They are very modern.

Have a nice day.


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I think a lot of pink makes our heart happy... when our sorrows are shallow. I'm so sorry for the real sadness that Valorie must feel.

Kim said...

I think it is fitting that this post about pink chairs and valentines was really about long time love. Doesn't matter if our love is a human or furry, it is never easy and I will be praying for both of these women as they navigate this season of grieving.
Thanks for eating us know Nita. I hope you have a good week and weekend.


karen@somewhatquirky said...

Awwwe. So sweet you are! And there's not much better than a great pink chair.

Twinkle Terrior said...

Sending out prayers for Valorie and all of Alberto's family too. God give them strength with the loss of family <3

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