Sunday, March 25, 2012

Open House Sunday

Sunny Cottage in California
built 1925
You know how I love little vintage cottages.
This one has a spanish flair and exists in Los Angeles.
love the vegetation
stucco, iron work, vintage light....a welcoming threshold
windows and doors painted in blue
Amazingly tall windows for a small cottage.
I love the view of the banana trees.
Looks to me like they tore off the original tile and did a cement treatment on the fireplace.
That's a shame.
Still, look at the windows in this house!
Mr. Panther needs to go.
The view into the master
and into the dining room
Simple and pretty and I'm crazy for that chandelier.
This room thrilled me most.
The stove and all that white marble mixed with white subway tile.
I just want to run my hands over all of it.
Pretty vintage repro bath
Love the Peter Pan poster used on the wall in here.
Would love to do laundry with a view of the pool and all that marble.
This area could be ultra fabulous with a little styling.
pool for lounging
a lovely fountain on a gravel side yard

T'would be nice to live in sunny California.


Cindi Myers said...

I was all set to not like this. I think Spanish and then I think Orange and Loud. Wow, was I wrong!
This might have just moved up to #1 in my favorites of your Sunday listings. Of course A LOT has to do with the decorating. I LOVE the flow of the house with all the white. The kitchen is perfection and there's a POOL! I think this has covered all my desires.
Thanks Nita!
(I look forward to all your postings but SUNDAYS are such a special treat!)
XOXO - Cindi

vintage girl at heart said...

great bones love the doors..are they original?? love the white kitchen and yes to fold laundry with a pool for a backdrop..swoon worthy. i love the bath and airy bedrooms too.
happy sunny sunday!

Razmataz said...

This is right up my alley and very similar to the look of our Florida house. I could live here. Love tha banana trees.

Diane Writes said...

I live in a tropical country. It's always summer in the Philippines and I believe these styles will work for us. I particularly love the idea of huge windows, white paint and the elements of greeneries or plants around.

Lottie said...

Love the white kitchen! The whole house has a relaxing feel. Love your Sunday posts!

ElisaPavan said...

just amazing!

Beach House Living said...

Great house! I like the outdoor area a lot and the pool well that's a nice bonus.

Pondside said...

Wow - who wouldn't wish to live in Southern California in such a gorgeous house?! I could just imagine the tiles against bare feet, the smell of the vegetation, the sound of someone splashing into the pool.

Unknown said...

Well, it is raining this morning in sunny California. But it was 78 degrees here yesterday.
Love house, that clean white Spanish style is so relaxing. But with our sunny weather comes high prices. $1.27 million, ouch.
Thanks for sharing.

Debby said...

Alot to love about this cottage. I'd make it alot more cozier and have to offer a whole lot less than the asking price, hah.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I love this place! The windows, the outdoor spaces. All good!

Unknown said...

Hi Nita: That house is adorable! I would live there in a heartbeat. That laundry room sold me. I could really live in that laundry room, gazing at the pool and even swimming between loads! Sipping coffee, while doing laundry and all that natural light? I'd never be behind on laundry. So nice to visit your blog I haven't been here in a while!


24 Corners said...

I would adore living in this's perfect!
Have a wonderful week...
xo J~

Erin said...

cute house! It's actually close to where my sister lives. maybe I can convince her to buy it. :o)

~greetings from chicago!

PCovi said...

How much were they asking?