Sunday, March 4, 2012

Open House Sunday

A Big One
Usually on my Open House Sundays I show historic homes and quaint cottages.
But today I thought I'd pick from one of the most upscale neighborhoods of Oklahoma City.
That neighborhood is Gaillardia on the far northwest side of OKC.
This is where you build if you want a REALLY big house.
This is where you build if you want to impress.

This neighborhood is relatively new...started I believe in the early 2000's.
It is not where I would live ever.
Even if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn't. 
But I thought it might be fun to look at one of the mansions on the market today.
built in 2008
I do like the red tile roof.
lots of ornate ironwork
That is quite a view out on to the golf course.
I believe this home is staged and not lived in at the moment.
Really great furniture would make a huge difference in how this house looks.
This furniture looks straight out of a furniture showroom.
None of it right for the house.
the fireplaces are quite something
I had to look several times to be sure this was the kitchen.
Yes, it's open to an eating and sitting area.
The high ceiling and light fixtures dwarf the kitchen below.
Doesn't it look as if it was a church in a previous life?
I do kind of like that huge hood over the stove minus the tile mural.
That is quite an island too.
of course a wine cellar is required
Another pretty view.
complete with outdoor kitchen
This is kind of infinity pool that looks out on to the lake of the golf course.
This housing edition was built on what used to be prime farmland.
Quite the view...I'd like it better if there were cows grazing on this land instead of golfers.

Would you live in this house if you could?
Know what? If given the choice between this house or the one I'm in.
I'd choose my little cottage every time.


Debby said...

That house is listed at almost 4 million....a little out of my range.
The haging lights make it look like a church. I like the kitchen but it doesn't look like one. So little compared to the rest of the house. It does look staged. It is beautiful but I would never ever want to live there.

Diane said...

I think that this is the sort of house that is being proven to be a mistake. It is too huge for all but the largest of families. The drain on our natural resources (heating and watering the lawn) is unwarranted. The family that lives there would hardly ever bump into each other in the course of their daily endeavors! Look at the fireplaces--they have never been used in 4 years. We must step away from this sort of gaudy display of wealth and toward a lifestyle of quality. But, I vent...

Anonymous said...

The house is beautifully furnished/staged but doesn't have that warm, inviting, cozy, lived in feel. In fact, it looks cold and unwelcoming. I have never, ever wanted a big, fancy house. I agree with you....if I had to pick between my cozy 650 sq ft condo and that house.....I'd pick my condo every time! Jana in Texas

Anonymous said...

Wow, a 4 million dollar house with that kitchen? I can't imagine cooking in it. I would need a landing spot by the fridge and oven. I can't imagine having only the island to do prep and that if full view of the rest of the space. Not my dream house. Thanks for sharing.

vintage girl at heart said...

wow what a weird layout.
i could not wait to click on the listing to see the selling price.
yep give me my li'l shabby less than 1000 square feet home anyday.
happy sunday.

Linda Hartong said...

I guess it all depends on where you are in your life and your income. We have had both big and little. Now that our children are grown and we have little need to "impress", I love smaller.
How in the world did everything become so large, houses, furniture, cars and even people.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I totally agree with you - fun to look at, but seriously, who really wants to live like that? Those big houses always look so cold and impersonal! It makes me appreciate my cozy space all the more!

Deserae said...

It is a beautiful home but not quite me...not that I have that kind of money anyways! LOL It's always fun to look though!

Jeannine520 said...

Nope, I could never live there. The size or cost doesn't bother me (although I can't afford it), I just think it's tasteless in both it's design and the execution of what it's trying to be. Like you, I live in a 1930's house (in CA) and maybe that's got me spoiled because I really can't appreciate a house like this.

Anonymous said...

I'd sure hate to clean the darn thing!

Tammy @ Type A said...

my number one rule, i have to be able to clean it. i could clean it but i wouldn't have much of a life, so the house is a no. too big for me, but i love some of the furnishing and details. thanks for sharing.

AshTreeCottage said...

The house is very grand ~ but the staging is terrible. It does nothing to showcase the features of the house and frankly I think the staging detracts from the architectural features. That being said, would I trade it for my dear little cottage? Absolutely not! I love my cozy little cottage, but it's always fun to look.

Susan and Bentley

Barbara said...

A bit too formal for me. And that kitchen was just weird. But I love the outdoor pool area!

Traci said...

I love seeing these mansions but I don't want to live in one. And never on a golf course. Not enough privacy for me. I would pick my own house over this one.
And I too want to see the cows grazing.
Thanks for sharing. I look forward to this post all week.

Cynthia Myers said...

well...much too formal for me, but if you put in comfy sofas and fun colors and I would obviously have a maid to do the cleaning, I mean we must be talking about being FILTHY rich to be able to afford such a house, so...
Hell Yeah! I'd take it over my little tiny house. I would finally have room for all the critters and we could go swimming EVERYDAY!

Gypsy Brocante said...

Hmmm... I think I'd take one of those little pink houses from yesterday ; )

But fun to look at!


Kit said...

I like the view (and I too would prefer cows to golfers) but the house is just too big for me. I like the coziness of my cottage. Kit

Rebecca said...

Because I live in Edmond I pass by this area all the time...

Frankly...I hate it. If I had all the money on earth I would NEVER live there. NEVER. I miss the farmland and the cows...

I can appreciate the design and work involved to build such a house...but personally I think it's a monstrosity. It IS staged. It looks cold and uninviting. I guess I hate it.


Thanks for sharing~


Alpha Blonde said...

Wouldn't live here because I like acres and architecture, and this place has neither. I won't lie though I do love a big house...just needs to have character.

Cindy said...

That's a fabulous house. It does look like it was a church at one time, everything is so open and large. I adore the infinity pool, how cool that it appears to open onto the lake. Those pools are amazing!
Hugs, cindy

CathySchmathy said...

One month's utility bills would probably feed a family of four for 2 or 3 months. Ick.

I'll take the pool, though.

HollyM said...

I would absolutely never buy this house, or even live in it if it were a gift. Nothing about it appeals to me. Too big, too much. And you know it echoes something awful. (Hello, hello, hello)

Cozy is what I'm looking for in a home. This . . . ain't that.

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