Sunday, January 29, 2012

Open House Sunday 35

Crown Heights, OKC
built 1936

Hope you are not sick of seeing tudor revival storybook cottage houses.
Too bad if you are because I never get tired of seeing the variations in these homes.
Today's Open House is very late getting up because last night, I had a 
little mishap.
I'd noticed over the past week or so that my office chair was really squeaky and felt 
a little weird. Well last night as I started to do this post, I turned in my squeaky
chair to look at the tv and the whole top of the chair collapsed to one side 
sending me sprawling to the floor. 
Franklin was very surprised as he was in my lap at the time.
He wanted to do it again.

I was not hurt but realized how stupid I was not to realize something was up with the chair.
It is unfixable. I'll need a new chair.

I just couldn't deal with it last night and went to bed.
I'm sitting on a stool now as I type this.

Now, back to the house.
This is a very cute home and only one of a few that have that round porch opening.
It is really odd, isn't it? Super glad mine doesn't have that...but then I probably would not 
have bought it if it had. But the house has lots of other things going for it.
I do love the big window but it looks to me that the original window was taken out and 
a solid piece of glass put in. That is a shame but I've seen this done quite a bit by past home owners that 
didn't keep the historic integrity.
I do not believe that is the original mantel either. It could be but these homes usually have tile fireplaces.
This room is pretty much the same dimension as my own living room but I have a doorway
to the office den in the middle of the left wall which prohibits me putting any furniture on that wall.
In this view it looks to be the same layout as mine. 
Interesting that the dining room table is pushed to one side instead of in the middle of the room.
Makes sense traffic wise but I still like a centered table.
I really need to get some drapes up in my living room and dining room. It makes the windows look so 
much larger.
Quite a bit to love here in the kitchen. 
These are not the original cabinets, of course but they are pretty.
I love the faucet. One of these days...I'll get a new one.
Love the stove in all it's stainless glory.
Oh...I'd love one of those instead of my ugly black one.
And the black and white checked floor looks so much better here than in mine because it's set in a 
diamond pattern. Mine is set checkerboard fashion.
A few open shelves would really benefit this kitchen. 
If I bought this house...I'd take a few doors off immediately, wouldn't you?
A large family room has been built on to the back of this house.
The kitchen window has become a pass through.
breakfast nook
A huge mid century room on the back of the house.
What a great weenie playroom this would be!
That fireplace just screams 50's or 60's. I hated that style when I was a kid.
But I kind of like it now probably only because its retro.
Deer head would of course have to go.
cute small vintage bath
Another that is more modern and plain.
And another...unusual for a house like this to have three.
master, I presume

I'll be back later tonight with Mod Mix Monday.
Update on Franklin....
He and Harvey have become friends. They play a lot together.
Harvey seems happier, now.
And Sally is happier too...because Franklin really loves her.
I don't think anyone but me has ever loved her before and she kind of likes all the attention
he pours on her.

It's good to be loved.


NanaDiana said...

What a great old house. It looks to be in great shape, too. I love that your Sally is getting loved on and the boys are getting along. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday. It sounds like the only thing that got injured when you fell is your pride. I hate when that happens. xo Diana

sheri said...

Thanks for another dreamy house tour. (Except for the deer!) I actually like the round front. Very different. I'll never get tired of these storybook homes, either.

Glad your pups are doing well and are happy. Hope you're doing okay, too, and not too sore after that fall. At least no one saw it!

oldblackcatboo said...

Love everything about the house, but like Sheri said, the deer heads would have to go. Gross.
I like a centered table too but I think that sometimes it just gets in the way and I get tired of walking around it. (I keep moving mine back and forth!)
So glad to hear that all the pups are happy! Sometimes it just takes time. Nice to hear that Sally is getting extra love!
:) - Cindi

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Aw, I love hearing about the kids! Seems like everyone that needed a little something got it when Franklin arrived. Violet was fine all along~so many things about that house remind me of yours!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Aw, I love hearing about the kids! Seems like everyone that needed a little something got it when Franklin arrived. Violet was fine all along~so many things about that house remind me of yours!

Beach House Living said...

The round opening sure is interesting.

Sharon in Chicago said...

I kinda like that round opening for the porch. The rest of it just needs to be Nita-ized! And while I am NOT laughing at you, I am laughing that Franklin wants to do it again! Kids!

Patti said...

The round porch opening could be like a Moon Gate--bringer of good fortune. Since this house is for sale those folks REALLY have to take down the deer heads. Thanks for the tour.

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