Monday, November 8, 2010

Vintage Stove

How I Adore You

I broke one of my rules today.
Big mistake.
A rule that keeps me content in my life.
A rule that enables me to move forward and not just fantasize about what might be.

I adore a vintage kitchen complete with vintage appliances.

Today, I got on Craigslist which I usually don't do much because it's a hassle to open 
all those different listings.

But now...
thanks to 
You can go and look up anything quickly, seeing all the photos 
as easy as if you were browsing a blog. With this, its easier than ebay!

So today, I typed in vintage stove and darn if there wasn't this perfect one 
for $150 in my part of the city.
See my rule is -
Don't Browse Craigslist unless you
1. Need the thing you are looking for
2. Have the money for the thing you are looking for
3. Have a way to pick up the thing you are looking for
4. Have a place to put the thing you are looking for

You see, I don't have a spot for this or the money for this or the place to put this...
but I WANT this, badly.

I even started thinking...I could go get it and put it in the garage until I rip out my existing 
built in range and oven. Bad idea. This looks like a great stove...
It's an O'Keefe & Merrit.
Just like the one in the photo below. would look so good in my kitchen.
 source: garden web

Of course if I had the antique stove, I'd need a retro refrigerator to go with it.
Which is easily done either from Big Chill or Northstar

source: Big Chill
source: Northstar

I've always wanted one of these.
Northstar has a stove that looks vintage...sort of...
source: Northstar

It just isn't anywhere near as cool. It just doesn't look right.
source: Big Chill

But then I see that Big Chill has a new retro stove now too. 
This is more like it but still not as good as a real honest to goodness vintage one.

Just love those old stoves. I have got to quit thinking about the one available 
just around the corner. 
First, I'd have to tear out my perfectly good stove and I'd have to tear out cabinets 
and I'd have to have it restored.
It just can't be...but I can't stop thinking about her.
A friend of mine has one of these stoves but it's red and it sits in her garage.
She has the same problem...she'd have to tear up the kitchen to bring in and she'd have to get it it still sits in her garage....waiting.

The reason I started browsing was that Attic Mag had a great post entitled 
"Kitchen-Contrasts1920-2010" it compared true vintage kitchens with 
the vintage inspired kitchens of today. You can read by clicking on their logo.

That is what made me think..."Oh yeah...wonder if there are any vintage stoves available around here?"
Breaking my rule.

Darn it.

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Tammy said...

I love your rules! Sounds like you climbed right in my brain. But rules are made to be broken. Well, doesn't hurt to dream. Thanks for sharing the CL easy link. I had no idea. This could be a dangerous tool!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi Nita,
Too funny! My dad just bought a fixer and called me asking if I wanted the 1950's vintage stove that looks quite a lot like the ones in your inspiration pics. It's a regular size so it would fit, but it would have to be retrofit for propane. Plus, wondering if it would work alright, you know? Well, he has it in the house waiting on me to go take a look at it... your inspiration pics are really making me want to go load it up! I'm a bit worried it would be just sitting here too, though... CL can definitely get you into trouble-thanks for sharing the CL easy link- I think! lol!! :)

High Street Cottage said...

I know a thing or two about rules, and that one is "made to be broken" ;)

Kristen White said...

Wonderful inpsiration pics...I too love the vintage stoves! Not only are rules made to be broken but life is meant to be lived and to the fullest!!!!! If your little heart really desires one of those stoves and it doesn't break the bank I say go for it....even if it has to live in the garage! LOL

Kathy said...

Your rules are good but if that was the case I never would have gotten anything from craig's List :-) I love the vintage stove too -

Teresa said...

I so understand your rules....but hey, rules are made to be broken...right? =)
great photos-

oldblackcatboo said...

too bad I don't live near you....
I'd be right over in my van to pick you up to go get it.
We would probably do what me and my sister do to each other. One of us says "Oh! I CAN'T" and then the other says "OK, then I will!" which of course makes the original person hurry up and pull out their checkbook!
GET IT! :)

Olive Cooper said...

You nut! Your rules are quite sound btw. When we were looking for a house we looked at one that had an original 1940's turquoise kitchen set of appliances all working perfectly. It was very cool but the house had an ugly pool in the front yard.

Arlene said...

Hah...too funny! I have the same rules...and frankly, I usually leave Craigslist quite much I want if only I had the money, the way to get it home, the manpower to help get it inside once I do get it home...sigh....and there aren't even any kids on this block I could pay to, with that said...sounds like you really need this stove! ;0

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

You all are not helping! I'm telling myself no and you all are saying go get it! I've wanted one of these for years and this is the brand I wanted if I could find one. Usually they are way more expensive than this. I did read up on them and found a message board where vintage stoves are discussed and many talked about how they loved cooking on their old stoves. That they work just great.

My Mom had an old Magic Chef for years...well up till the late 70's. Dad finally broke down and bought a new one even though they loved it because he said he couldn't find parts for it and the insulation was shot in it.

The final straw was when it burned up the Thanksgiving turkey one year. But my Dad would always talk about how he missed that big old stove. Mom too. It's like having a classic car in your kitchen.

An Urban Cottage said...

I think your rules are good ones but you need to add one more. If it needs to be restored, you need to take it straight away to be restored before it ends up in the house. This way (1) you need to have the money to have it restored which is usally more than the item and (2) you won't have to move it again.

You can't imagine the things I have in my basement awaiting restoration.

But that stove is pretty sweet and it's right around the corner...

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Thank you...Urban Cottage for being the voice of reason....I know I don't have the money to get it restored and you are so would need to go straight to be restored and fixed and then to my house. I just can't. I only have one brother in law to help move it anyway....and he's got a bad back.

I think I'm going to just HAVE to let this one go and try not to think about it.

Someday...I'll completely redo the kitchen. My kitchen isn't bad at's just that I can imagine it being so much more.

Jen said...

Those stoves are beautiful!! I love the pink one!! You sound like me though...When I want something sometimes I dont have the money or the space but I figure if I just keep looking at it about a million times online I will get tired of it and move on to the next new thing I'm

Stacey said...

Nita, I started to tell you this one day and don't remember if I did or dad is refurbishing a 100 year old house near Austin. He has an O'Keefe and Merritt range. It's a beauty! Now I will say, I love to cook and wouldn't actually choose to cook on that big thing very often. It's not as efficient as we are used to. Sometimes the gas goes out at inopportune times. It is the centerpiece of the kitchen though.

The House of Healy said...

Oh I love these. So great they're coming out with retro-inspired ones now too! My parents have a vintage white fridge with a chiller drawer that makes the most exquisite slushy Dr. Peppers...It's been working for at least 60 years...

I also saw a post somewhere/magazine article of a couple who put a non-working vintage fridge in their bedroom. They put their TV in the fridge and their DVR/DVD in the freezer. When they're not watching it, it just sits there all white and vintage as can be. Quirky but oh, so cool. :)

Thanks for these wonderful finds.


Wendy said...

Great inspirational pictures! I need to show these to Tony tonight. We need a new stove and I am loving your pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I love the vintage ovens! They are so much more charming than the cold stainless steel. (My stainless is always all fingerprints... drives me nuts)! xo

Traci at ThreeDogsAtHome said...

Sometimes it just sucks to be practical. You are so right, this stove is really cute.

DreamgirlLisa said...

Nita, you are my soul sister!! lol! I love your rules for Craigslist, I should really follow them. I have drooled over and even contacted people about furniture I wanted so bad...only to decide in the end I really can't afford any of it :( I love every kitchen you posted here, esp. the pink and blue, pure heavan!! I have been wanting a new stove forever! Either a vintage or professional, since I do love cooking and use my cheapo, old stove almost everyday. But, we always have our dreams, right?? I once bought a vintage claw foot tub, and it sat upside down in my garage for 9 years!! But, now it happily sits in my bathroom, and I love taking baths in it. Patience...we have to have patience and never stop dreaming!

Terry said...

Boy do you sound like me. But I own TWO old stoves. Both in storage waiting...... Problem is I don't know which one I want to use come the time. I must have the most patient hubby since he didn't bar an eye when we bought them.

House Revivals said...

I adore old stoves! I have a vintage six-burner stove in storage -- waiting on the house remodel we are undertaking.

Meander said...

Miss you lovely! Sorry I've been MIA for so long! :( Adore the first photo - I'm salivating over the pink fridge!!!

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