Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vintage Stove 2

Still Obsessed

I forgot to include this stove that I found yesterday too. 

It's new but I think it's pretty fabulous.
The brand is Bertazzoni.
Does anyone know anything about these?
source: Attic Mag

And for a new stove...I think it would keep me very happy.

I loved all your supportive comments yesterday telling me that I should just go get the stove.
And I also appreciated the few that told me to get a grip and not go get the stove.

Here she is again.
But I have to be realistic. 
I can't rip out half of my kitchen to accommodate a stove that most likely needs to be refurbished.
Even though it is my dream stove.
And even though...I only use my oven about three times a year.
If anyone could live with a vintage stove it's me. 
I cook most everything in the microwave.
Oh..I do use a burner or two, here and there.

I still keep thinking about her though.
I even measured to see if she would fit.
She would, no problem.

I'll try to have photos of my kitchen tomorrow.
With all its many flaws. 
Not actually flaws...just things I don't like.


Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Oh my! When I saw the thumbnail of the stove, I thought, she has caved in and bought the stove! I could tell you that life will be fine without the stove and save your money. But that's advice I don't always follow myself. Not that you're asking, but... if you need permission, you certainly have mine!;)

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Too funny Nita- I just emailed you like 5 minutes ago!! The new stove is a beauty for sure too... Whatever you decide to do it will work out either way. Can't wait to see your kitchen reveal!! :)

Olive said...

What is the price of this one do you think? I have no microwcve at the new house and almost never use one here at the old house. Slow cooking here!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Oh boy, I love those vintage stoves too!! I would be sorely tempted to go get that Craigslist stove. It's awesome!

High Street Cottage said...

Nita, I can't wait to see your kitchen tomorrow. One thing to remember is measurements and gas opposed to electric etc. Making sure it's one that can be hooked up in your kitchen. But you may find you'll cook more on your "dream stove".

Pam Kessler said...

I don't know. I think for the price you can't beat it. It's just the matter of whether it works or not. But have you seen the prices of those reproductions? Thousands of dollars. As in you can buy a car for that price! I am going to try out that Craigs Easy thing though. I've been complaining about Craigs List's search function forever.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

It's very beautiful ...I'd be very tempted.

How many times have I measured up for a gorgeous stove and then hesitated because we'd have to rip up a part of the kitchen? Too many, that's what!!


The Brick Cottage said...

I can't wait to hear what you decide! That stove is gorgeous! Any idea how much it would cost to repair? From the picture, it appears to have been well taken care of (but I know looks can be deceiving). Have you checked out Heartland appliances? They also have a selection of vintage inspired stoves. Good luck in your decision!

Cindi Myers said...

OK, I'm going to be NO help at all but that NEW one is SO shiny and Sparkly! And I love me some Sparkles!!! (even if I never used it, I could sit at my table with my coffee and stare at it and Smile)

Anonymous said...

We purchased a stainless steel Bertazzoni 40" stove last year, and overall, my husband and I have been very pleased with it. There are a few quirks -- no thermostat in the oven, so you need to have one like in an old stove. We encountered a problem right away in terms of the temperature not working properly -- contacted the company, they told us they needed to find a person in our area who services Bertazzoni stoves -- that man conacted us, but when he came to our home to repair the stove, he said he went to a brief workshop on Bertazzoni stoves and ahd never befroe worked on one. he did, however, manager to repair the stove. It works quite well overall, and I love the look of it -- I can send you a photo if you'd like. We also recently had an interior bulb burn out, and it took forever to get a new bulb from the company -- which is in Italy and which at first said the bulb was outside our manufacturer's warranty -- luckily, I'm a lawyer and knew how to argue about the warranty, so the company relented, and sent us the bulb -- it was a very expensive bulb -- $80!!! That is why I made such a fuss about it being covered by the warranty. Prior tot his stove, we had a gorgeous, refurbished 1930's Glenwood for over 10 years. It was a good stove and looked good and vintage in our kitchen, but it never baked properly -- and even though refurbished by an expert with stoves, the thermostat that was added to it when it was refurbished just never worked right -- we had a second oen installed, and that, too, never worked right. Baking with the oven was horrendous -- I can't believe I put up with it for 10 years! And we had to light the gas burners with a long, camping lighter -- you would turn the gas on for the burner and then hold the lighter over the gas, and the burner would light -- that was a pain, and I got really sick of it after a while. Plus, I have 3 daughters who like to cook, and I was always worried about them lighting the burners. I ended up wanting a more modern and sleek look in the kitchen anyway, but did not want a Viking or a Wolf -- I wanted something different. we live in a 1920s beach house on Cape Cod, and I did not want the stove looking like every other new stainless steel stove, and that's when I found Bertazzoni. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them - you can email me at mgans@verizon.net

Good luck!