Monday, March 1, 2010

What a Weekend!

I had quite the weekend. I really spoiled myself all weekend and pretty much did whatever I wanted. It started Thursday night.
Elton John & Billy Joel
Face to Face Tour
I'd seen them before but they were even better this time. I'm a Billy Joel fan but have a new appreciation for Elton. I went with a group of friends and we started the evening with Thai food. The concert was sold out and ended with the whole place singing along to Piano Man. The best.

Then on Friday night, I saw

I was amazed by this film. I know it's been out for quite awhile but not here.  I was only now able to see it at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. This film by first time director, Tom Ford is so beautiful. It's a must see if you get the chance. I'm sure it will be out on DVD very soon. I thought Jeff Bridges was a shoe in for Best Actor but after seeing Colin Firth in this...I think he should win. Even though I love me some Jeff Bridges and he deserves to win for the body of his work and Crazy Heart was good. But Colin's performance is so subtle. His face and actions speak volumes in such a restrained pitch perfect performance. 
After seeing this movie, I can't believe it wasn't nominated for Best Picture. I think it was my favorite this year.

Anyway, the images and music are so unbelievably beautiful. I came straight home and ordered the soundtrack off of

This is the most gorgeous looking movie...I just can't say enough good things about it. I cried and I cried and cried. Then I liked it so much...I went to see it again on Saturday! I started crying even earlier because I knew what was going to happen.

Here are some of the images from the movie.

 Before seeing the movie a second time, my sister and I ate some sushi

 at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. It was super good. 

Then on Sunday, I decided I better see Avatar in 3D / IMAX before "Alice in Wonderland" comes out and takes over that screen.

The 3D was really incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Do I think its worth a Best Picture nod? Not really. The story was nothing unusual although it was entertaining. Although, you really knew what was going to happen pretty much. It truly was fantastic to look at. 

Then I did a little shopping and bought a pretty pink purse.
So that was my weekend...I got absolutely nothing done at the house. 
Next weekend starts with the John Mayer concert on Friday night.

Saturday, I've got to see

followed by a Birthday party where I'll see lots of old friends...then Sunday night another party to watch the Oscars

I'm so excited to watch Alec Baldwin mostly. I adore him. I love Steve Martin too...but Alec just makes me laugh and laugh and he's sooo cute. And the two of them together....I think it's going to be the best.

So that was my weekend and what's coming up. I have a teeny project to finish at the house to show...and didn't get it done. With all my running around. But it was nice to have a weekend that was nothing but fun. Looks like next weekend is going to be more of the same. And that's ok. Fun is allowed.


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René said...

Getting nothing done at home was a good thing. It sounds like you had more fun elsewhere. Thanks for the movie scoop.

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