Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

I got out my special Easter Salt & Pepper shakers today. I found these at an antique store several years ago. Today, I thought...where are my egg shakers? I feel spring in the air...they need to be out!

Notice how nice the photo is? Yep, I used my new camera. I got it two weeks ago but I didn't know that we were going to start a new radio station at work, which went on air last night at midnight. So all my personal blogging stuff went out the window while I worked on graphics and promotions for the new station. 

Today I took a bunch of photos around the that I'll have them to post this coming week. The new station is also why I haven't finished my mirror bathroom project. I've just had no time. But hopefully, this week or next weekend.

I did go outside and shoot proof that Spring is definitely on it's way.

Got to get a new hummingbird feeder too...the hummers are headed this way. I checked out the hummingbird migration map and supposedly they'll be here end of March. A friend of mine, Lee who got me started with the littler hummers last year...found a guy who builds hummingbird I need to get one or two of those too so they'll live in my yard this year and not just come over to dine. 

This map shows when they arrived last year. Check out when they'll arrive in your area at

Hummingbirds don't like weenie dogs...they fly away when the weenies come out. But...weenies are totally oblivious to hummers....they think they are insects and pay them no mind. They have too much to worry about with the squirrels and the cat that lives next door to pay any attention to the little hummers. I wish the hummers would catch on to this. 

Since it's spring or's time to put on my CD player....

This CD is just the sound of birds chirping and the sounds of outside. I love it. It's frowned upon by all the guys in my office though when I take it to work and play. They say it's definitely, not cool. But I'm not trying to be cool, so that's fine with me. And it drives the weenies crazy...they think there are birds in the house. On parts of the CD you can hear church bells...this CD sounds like Easter morning. 

I was inspired to have this CD after eating at a restaurant in Atlanta on the patio surrounded by beautiful flowers and colored patio lights and the sounds of birds chirping everywhere. I told the waitress I loved hearing all the birds chirping (they actually had a few birds in bird cages around). That it was amazing, that they had so many. She laughed and said..."Oh that's a CD we play of birds singing". Brilliant! I thought and I went searching for one immediately. At the time...I lived in an apartment and had a small screened in porch that I'd decorated with pastel patio lights and plants and I'd go out there and put my Songbirds of Spring CD in the player and chill.

Since moving to Edgemere Park...I can walk outside and sit on my deck and hear the birds chirping and church bells ringing every day for real. Still I play this CD in the early spring before all the birds have arrived here. 

I'm in the mood for Spring!


Wendy said...

Your pictures are beautiful! What kind of camera did you get? The salt and pepper shakers are perfect for spring..the delicate flowers painted on them are so pretty!
Hope you have a great day :)

Lamp Tramp said...

Loved this post, your pics are amazing and birds favorite thing ever! Your salt and pepper shakers are just too beautiful, have a great Spring weekend!

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