Sunday, August 11, 2019

Open House Sunday!!!

Today...a Special Treat...
 built 1938
I have always loved this little house in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Oklahoma City.
I've been in it before but this's had a complete redo.
It's got modern touches and lots of whimsy.
I've always loved the outside. The stonework with classical detailing.
Anyone that has a dog statue is my kind of person. I have one too. 
The modern chairs on the front porch hint at what's to come inside.
 It's just sweet as it can be. I'd plant some trees out in the yard if I bought it.
Other than's lovely.
 Lot's of blue in the living room. This is not my favorite room in the house.
It's beautiful but more serious than the way the rest of the house is decorated.
 This living room is basically the same layout as my own...oh except and this is odd...the arched door way isn't centered. 
Never seen that before in these houses.
 Here you can see that the sofas are not as huge as they appear in the photos above.
I like this plan. Two matching sofas facing each other. I often recommend to my clients to do this.
 Here is where the house really starts to get good. A perfect white kitchen!
 I love everything about this. Every single thing. Well...I guess if it were mine...I'd do a farm sink. But other than's just about perfect.
It's a nice size kitchen for a little house. I wish my kitchen was this large. 
 Wide open to the breakfast nook.
 Which is just precious! I adore that wallpaper!
 It's glamorous in here! And fun
 This is the formal dining room.
 I like the breakfast nook better. I do like the linen slipcovers on the chairs.
Looking at this house makes me think I really need to have less furniture in my house.
And yet...just last night I asked about a piece I saw on Facebook Marketplace.
I do have one spot in my house that needs just the right piece.
 How about this bathroom? I love love love it!
Adore that double sink. 
Kinda love that the toilet sits back in a little nook. 
 This bedroom is very modern but certainly blends with the style of the rest of the house.
I usually don't care for big canopy beds in small houses but this one is so open it works.
 This room is also a nice blend of feminine and masculine. Which I'd say is true of the whole house.

 Now here is a famine bedroom. I love the large patterned wallpaper on that one wall.
 Again...this house makes me think I need to get rid of many things in my house. I have too much stuff.
 Pretty little sitting room. The shelves are styled so nicely. I have built in shelving in office/den and I'm afraid they are a mess...they are full of books and all kinds of stuff I use.
I'd love to style them in a pretty way...but I actually use my shelves.
 Really like this floor plan using four chairs around a large cocktail table. This is another layout I suggest to my clients who have a room they aren't sure what to do with but want extra seating without it being boring.
The house is even cute by the back door. I assume this is off the kitchen. A little bar area. Convenient for outdoor parties.
 And the back patio. I actually love that there is a cement patio rather than deck. 
So much upkeep with a deck. I wish I had a patio instead myself.
Notice the large turquoise pot water feature to the left. I'd love to sit out here and listen to that bubble.
Yes, I could live in this house.
See full listing here

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Amy Chalmers said...

hah I loved that you said anyone with a dog statue is my kind of person...and of course that is true as I have two dog out front and one in the back, painted pink. love the kitchen in this house.