Sunday, August 25, 2019

Open House Sunday

Today...a Modern Bungalow...sort of...
built 1917
Well, this is an old house...for sure...but inside it's brand new!
This little bungalow is in the Plaza District neighborhood of Oklahoma City.
Twenty years ago this neighborhood was really down on it's luck but now it's one of the most popular areas of town for dining and shopping and just hanging out.
All the old homes that were long neglected are being renovated in this neighborhood.
 This neighborhood is not on the register for historic places so anything can be done to a house and anything is being done to houses in the Plaza.
This one is cute...of course. But new modern windows replace the original wood windows.
In my neighborhood if it's decided a window is in such poor condition that it needs to be replaced a new one must be made of wood just like the old ones. 
Thankfully there is a company in town that does a fantastic job at this.
They restore and repair historic windows. They did my neighbor's house a few years ago and they did an amazing job!
 So if your house is designated Historic and is on the Historic register - you are not allowed to willy nilly do whatever you like on the outside. I'm happy about keeps people from doing weird renovations. But on the other hand there are things I'd like to do to my house that are period appropriate but because my house didn't have them to begin with...I'm not allowed.
Like I'd like to turn my windows in front into french doors going out on to the front patio.
This was something that was done to other houses when my house was built but because my house didn't have this...I can never do it.
Oh...well...I'll survive. I understand they want to keep it all authentic to the time period. 
 Back to this's very light and bright inside. I love that but....
Bungalows traditionally were not light and bright.
They were cozy and dark. 
So I wonder about renovations that take all the original inside character out and replace it with modern things. Like that modern wall fireplace. It's cool...I suppose...but I'd rather the original fireplace if there was one. 
 This house is staged and it's a crazy mix of furniture. I do like that it's fun.
But if I bought this house - the first thing I'd do is put in a more traditional looking fireplace.
 So the wall is gone between living room and dining room and kitchen. One of the things I love about bungalows is they usually have a pretty divided wall between living and dining. Maybe this one didn't but I hate to see those gone. 
But it is a nice open space.
I do like this kitchen ...but it's so modern farmhouse. I love a white kitchen. My own kitchen is white but this kitchen doesn't look like it would be in a bungalow at all.
And that bothers me.
But a lot of people will love it.
 I guess that's all that matters. Actually...I should try to design a bungalow kitchen that is light and bright but still feels like a bungalow..that would be a nice challenge for me.
The tile is fun. I'd get tired of it very fast though.

 I really like this mirrors and the lights over them...again..this does not feel like a bungalow at all.
 Very cool shower and tub.
 Very modern
 They created rooms in the it's a two story now.

The backyard has a ways to go to reach it's full potential. That's for the new owners to work on.
 see full listing here

 What's your feelings on renovations like this? Do you think they should stay more true to the original character of the house or go with what's trending at the moment?

Personally, I think it's better to mimic the original vibe of the house than to go with trends that will be dated quickly. 

But I know it's mainly younger buyers in this neighborhood and they have to do what appeals to them. 

Happy Sunday!


Sonia said...

Beautiful the colors and brightness but it has lost some of it's historical charm. The open concept is what sells these days and the kitchen is wonderfully updated. The price however seems high for OKC, although our market values have increased and that's good.

Judith said...

Ghastly. They should have saved some of the money they wasted on the inside and put it into some landscaping and curb appeal. The dormer in front is especially hideous.

CeCe said...

Welp, for the most part I love the inside layout. I agree with you about the fireplace. I would definitely have a traditional fireplace. I like the open concept. I also would have opened the staircase up somewhat. I am not a modern fan but it is well staged. The outside needs a lot of help for curb appeal. I think the outside is the opposite of the inside........I do not like it. While I like historic charm, I am torn about you not being able to do something to your home, while keeping with the period. That rule is going overboard to me. I would not be happy living in a neighborhood that does not have a board and policies using some good ole common sense.
Look forward every week to your Open House post! So.. I must now tell you...I have so much trouble commenting as the proving you are not a robot is crazy for me....I just had my husband help me and he also had problems but together we finally got it!!!! Yep, I am a senior citizen.......but man oh man...used to be with these things you had to do it one I see my verification has try again but might not be commenting any more. Just know I love your posts!