Sunday, April 24, 2016

Open House Sunday

 built 1937
This house in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Oklahoma City.
I was in this home maybe 10 years ago and my it has changed.
 It has all new finishes throughout. It had good bones when I saw it before but super terrible finishes.
 Now I wouldn't have necessarily made all these choices but it's very nice.
Lots and lots of gray so hold on.....including a giant gray zebra!
 I kind of love all the shutters in this home. Something I normally don't really like.
But in this home they work.
Wing chairs are usually a good choice for host and hostess chairs in the dining room 
but these are too large and the side chairs too small.
 The kitchen turned out really pretty. I really like the nook the range top is sitting in.
I wish there was a full on stove in that nook, though. But then I prefer stoves to cook tops.
 That looks like black stainless on the wall oven. That's the newest color in appliances.
I still prefer white or regular stainless. I just think these appliances are too dark for this kitchen.
But then I can't really think of a situation where I'd like any kind of black appliance.
 Love that this room opens up to the backyard pool.
 Will I ever tire of white marble? I don't think so.
I would tire of all the gray in this room...and those black mirror frames.
 Big fan of this room. In this room I really like all the gray and like that there is a door outside.
 Precious little room in the attic. This is where I'd want to sleep.
 Fun kids room.
 I believe this is the upstairs bath.
 Backyard pool

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Cindi Myers said...

I've looked at this house three times now.
I'm completely in love and won't change one single thing.
Although I think those Wing Chairs might be Settee's.
But Yep! Loving it all.
Even the shiny black appliances.
That basement blew me away though, the way the ceiling is open!
Wow, couldn't get any cooler than that.
Absolutely perfect to me!

karen said...

Hi Nita
I'm glad you're back.
I can't get past the uneven dormers ! The kitchen is beautiful.

sharon smith said...

Hi Nita,
I enjoyed the tour. Great pick. Have a great weekend.
The House of Hampton

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What a classic beauty!

ANNE said...

oh I'm so happy you're back and so are your tours! Love the house but totally agree with you on the gray thing - I would tire of it pretty quickly. Even though it's not my taste, it's been beautifully decorated.

Happy Sunday!

Mari said...

What a gorgeous home, the Kitchen is to die for.....just beautiful....
Move in ready....


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