Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Little Spring in My Life

 How is your spring going? 
All I can say is I wish I had more time to smell the roses or tulips for that matter.
That photo and the one at the bottom are from my Pinterest folder entitled "Spring"
Today I was off from work but went to a client's house to help 
her freshen up her french country home.
Something that is right up my alley.
We hit it off when we met last week and I knew we were on the same wave length
when I was greeted at the door by a very similar concrete statue 
to the one I have at my own door.
A large dog with a flower basket in his mouth.

truly a classic
The rest of the week I'll be busy coming up with a plan to freshen up her home.

That is the best part of my job as an interior designer...all the nice people I meet
and when I go to someone's home and discover I love the same sort of things they do and 
I can help them give it that little extra it needs.

That said I truly enjoy doing rooms that are totally not something I would live
in either. That is what is fun about the job...I get to live vicariously through least
design wise.
We are having a big sale at the store right now - 60% off all floor models and 50% off all special orders. It's cause we are getting ready to redecorate the store and get lots of new things in.
Sale runs till the end of April.
Come in and see me! Or email if there is something you are looking for or if you 
need my help pulling together a room or your whole house!

So that little loveseat above? I designed it for the floor. But it sold super fast!
Can't wait to do something similar again. Of course if you need one like it...I can order
for you.
  I love that white china cabinet in this photo.
The table is already sold but the chairs are still available and so is the cabinet.
All can still be ordered too.
Here you can see that the loveseat was in the same room on display.
That's certainly enough about work...
I'm currently trying to get my yard in shape.
I hired a new yard guy who is someone I worked with who went out on his own
with his own landscaping company.
Need a great guy to do your lawn? me and I'll share his name.
He's very easy to work with and does a great job!
Last year when Franklin hurt his back slider door fell off it's track and could not
be fixed.
I went without a door for about 2 months. Thankfully, the weather was mild the whole time.
But I never showed you the garden doors I got to replace the slider.
This photo was taken the day they were installed.
Mom snapped it. The deck is a mess...cause things were just pushed aside.
But it was an immediate improvement to the house.
I am loving them...but now really really want a matching pair on the back bedroom too.
The dogs are happy going in and out.
And speaking of dogs. Here is a current video taken last week of Franklin in the yard.

Very, very proud of this boy. He was totally paralyzed last August and now look at him!
He's a very happy boy again. 
I'm hushing Harvey in this video because my neighbors have complained about his barking.
Although this is about all he barks and it's for like two minutes a day.
I could go on and on about my interactions with these neighbors.
They think dogs should never bark. I asked my neighbors on the other side
if they had a problem with my dogs making too much noise and they said..
"What? We can't hear your's - our's bark all the time!"
Their dogs do bark but it doesn't bother me at all. 
It's not a mean's a saying hello to the world bark. 
Same as mine.
Anyway...we are on pins and needles here trying not to bother my neighbors on one side.
Closing with another pretty photo of spring tulips.
All I managed to plant this spring so far is some bright pink phlox.
I've always admired it when it comes out in spring around the neighborhood and this year...
I finally got a little in the ground.
Hopefully, next year it will look like this.

Happy Spring!


donna baker said...

It is all beautiful and I love leaving my doors open in spring and fall. But, I am upset at those neighbors. Ready to brawl mad. Weenies are barkers and you can't stop that. As long as it is not late at night (after 11) I'd tell them to talk to the hand and it wouldn't be pretty. Glad the back is good as I went through that with Sister. It's been six years. She's diabetic and I fix all her food and two injections per day. She got cataracts and we had those removed. She is ornery but I love her so. I could not stop her from barking no matter what.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Franklin looks very happy to be outside with his tail really busy wagging,so glad he up and walking again

your doors outside looks so good with all your pretty flower pots and flowers also.
It's so nice to be out again and filling our flower pots.
I can't leave my doors open for Shirlee my cat to run in and out because of all our bugs here, misquotes etc

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

So nice to see a post from you, Nita! I wish I had more time to smell the roses, too, but I had today off and actually let the sun shine on my face for the first time in 7 months. Wonderful!

Your french doors look so nice leading to your back deck. Hopefully you'll be able to install a matching set to your master bedroom.

I wish you could share photos of the home you're updating for your client! I can tell how much you enjoy that part of your job and your client is lucky to have you.

I hope you get plenty of time to enjoy your garden and your flowers put on show for you! As for your neighbors, I'm guessing they've never owned a pet. Too bad for them!

Have a wonderful week!

Personally selected products said...

Hello NITA ! Such a lovely place you have! Is really placefull and Beautiful.
Have a very happy time! Sweety spring and a good week!


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Penny Heffner-Wiseman said...

It's good to see you again Nita!

Penny Heffner-Wiseman said...

It's good to see you again Nita!

Michelle said...

Love the new doors. I've always wanted doors like that. Glad to see you back.

Michelle said...

Love the new doors. I've always wanted doors like that. Glad to see you back.

Sonia said...

Such pretty Spring photos! Love the tulips...mine are almost done. Your new doors look amazing! Nothing prettier than french doors looking at the garden. We replaced some old sliders when we first moved in our house and what a difference they make. Hope you get the ones for your bedroom too! That loveseat you designed is your taste!

Amy Chalmers said...

Hi Nita! Awesome update from you here...Franklin looks pretty amazing! Well you sound as busy as I was when I had a shop. That is no fun, missing out on home stuff. Now I have all the time in the world to do my yard this year, and I am soooo looking forward to it.
Your choices in the furniture store are great, that is why they sell so fast. Hopefully they will make you the person in charge of buying!!

Cindi Myers said...

Omg! I missed this post and just discovered it as I scrolled though my reader!

It sounds like you are enjoying your job and having fun designing other people's homes too.
That makes me so happy that you are happy!
Love love love those doors.
I agree, you need to get some for your bedroom too!

Your neighbors make me so irritated.
Harvey can't bark that much to be annoying.
Thank god those people don't live next to me.
Could you play some music? maybe something classical?
Just loud enough so Harvey doesn't hear anything he wants to bark at and also just loud enough to drown out the barks he does make?
And if the neighbors complain about the music, switch it to Rap and turn up the volume.
Good Luck!
Glad you are back to the Blog World!

Debby said...

I love the outside of the house. The kitchen could be beautiful.
I'm glad you found a good yard helper.
Franklin is doing great. He is talented. He can wag and run at the same time.
We were worried about our neighbor when we moved into an attached condo. She said or dogs don't bother her. She was worried about her cats but they don't bother us. Sorry you have neighbors that complain.

Kit said...

So happy about Franklin! The doors and flowers are great! :) Kit

Adam Hazlett said...

Hi Nita,
Love that chair you designed! The stripes on the side are a perfect touch.
Those doors are a knock out!!! Just perfect. Do both of them open or just the one? Sam and I have been on the hunt for a set where both open at a reasonable price. So great to get caught up with all you have happening...I was going into withdrawals. Franklin looks GREAT and so do your tulips!

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