Friday, April 22, 2016


Pea Gravel
 I'm more than a little obsessed with pea gravel patios.
I've wanted to do one for quite awhile to the side of my deck along the back of the house.
 They sound super easy to accomplish although the work may be back breaking.
 I've been thinking about doing one for the last couple of years.
 A couple of weeks ago, one of the other designers at work created one
in his backyard and he said it was super cheap and not that hard.
 Yes, it did involve much shoveling and back and forth with a wheel barrow.
But in two weekends he had a new pea gravel patio.
I've seen a photo but next week he's having a garden party so everyone 
can see how well it turned out. 
I'll be sure to take photos to share!

All these photos are from my folder called Pea Gravel on Pinterest.


Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Hi Nita! It's been lots of fun catching up with your blog this morning! So glad your baby boy is doing so well :) We have been through some drama here too, Maurie had a health scare earlier this year but he's on the mend now. I have been working on the house again, just trying to keep this cottage of ours from completely falling down, and we are about to invest some money in this place after 10 years of sitting at lot value. Sounds like work is good for you, so glad! The store looks absolutely gorgeous! Have a good weekend and smooches to those pooches! xo

Susan Freeman said...

Thanks for the encouragement Nita. I have been wanting to do this around my potting shed and sort of dreaded the work involved, but after visiting you today, I think I can do it. Have a great weekend!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Cindi Myers said...

A couple of years ago I called about gravel.
They said it was only $8.00 a ton but I think I need at least 14 tons.
Still that's pretty cheap.
Of course there's a delivery charge to figure in and then...
the back breaking shoveling, raking, etc.
But hey! Good exercise! LOL!
Maybe I'll do it this year!

Robin @ ReDo It Yourself Inspirations said...

I love the sound of pea gravel when you walk on it. I agree, it's work, but so worth it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. They're so inspiring!

Amy Chalmers said...

Nita, i love them too and finally put one in but I had hubs to help. Even so I did a lot of the prep work. I would recommend putting down a weed barrier fabric first. pin it into the ground and then just start dumping wheelbarrows of gravel in little piles all over the place and rake it out. You could even put the fabric barrier over existing grass or weeds and it will kill it automatically. I love it and I think you should do it...xo

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