Friday, May 16, 2014

Flea Market Outdoors

The Eclectic Vintage Garden Space
 Have you seen this new magazine?
It's full of delightful ideas for outdoor spaces all using flea market finds.
 A brightly accessorized dining space under ivy covered rafters.
 brightly painted furniture
I love this rusted bed nestled in the garden complete with candelabra. 
 more pastel brights on the front porch
 greens bring the outdoors into this covered area
I want one of those beds
 More brights. Just a throw and a pillow spark up this corner.
 Oh these climbing roses on a rusted iron gazebo! So in love with this.
A simple potting bench mounted to the outside wall. 

There are lots more ideas in this issue. 
I've found it very inspiring!

and at work....
I just discovered we have this potting bench available.

Nice...isn't it?
And you know how obsessed I am about potting benches.

click here to go to the website Bob Mills Furniture.

It's perfect but it's pricey!

Thanks to everyone that encouraged me about my Mod Mix Monday Party.
I'm going to do my best to keep it going.

I know it's a small party but I really enjoy it and these days it's the only way
I can get to see what others are doing.


Deb said...

So many gorgeous things. Love the wicker table. Deb

Darrielle Tennenbaum said...

so many beautiful things! Thanks for sharing them. Have a great weekend!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Such beautiful inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the beautiful photos and would gladly live in any of those patio areas! That bench...pricey is an understatement! Thanks for sharing all of these dreamy photos!

Gigi @ Old World Patina

Cozy Little House said...

Wow! Love it!

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