Thursday, May 1, 2014

Four Hands Furniture

So I've been busy of late selling furniture at Bob Mills Furniture.
I have bought a few things since working there that I need to a cool antique round frame 
I found at The Feathered Nest the other day but today I'm going to share my favorite brand of 
furniture that I sell at Bob Mills.

The brand is Four Hands and it's a company out of Austin Texas.
I could sell this stuff all day..... I just love it.

 Notice the shape of the bedside chest.
 Yes, this is rustic but refined.
 Plenty of modern too.
 How about an industrial iron table with just the right feminine curves?
Straight forward and great!
I've been drooling over this chest on our floor since starting my new job.
I love that its weathered gray on the outside and robin's egg blue on the inside.
card catalog...yes!
 Wonderful sofa
 pretty french chair
let's go a little mid century
 ballerina ties always make me smile
 I've wanted a butterfly wing chair for ages and this one has just the right shape.
 mid century again
 and again
 Yes, you've seen this somewhere else in the pages of a high end furniture store.
Most of this is the same as you see in "those" catalogs but for less.
 Love this console
 And this mid century inspired console is really fab!
This piece is inspired by a hotel desk! It's delightful!

 Here you go...the perfect daybed for day dreams.
 Nice kitchen island.
 industrial lights

 We all saw this on American Horror Story last season in the kitchen.
 Another great sideboard
 Who can resist a chesterfield sofa like this?
 industrial barstool that can be wound up to any height
 wonderful tables galore!

 And a fantastic industrial cart. 

Isn't all this stuff amazing? 
If you are looking for things like this in and around Oklahoma City, 
please come visit me at Bob Mills Furniture.

We can ship all over the world too!



Amazing furniture Nita, I love this place! Wish it was close to me...wisful thinking, though!
I love the different styles for every taste. I so love that indutrial table and chairs, so modern and yet feminine and soft!
Have a nice day.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love that French sofa!

Custom Comforts said...

Lovely and so unique. Must be fun to sell things you love and would want to take home yourself. I'd love to take home a few of those pieces myself.

"Create Beauty" said...

Such variety! There's some pieces I'd love in my house! If I needed more furniture that is.... and if money was no object, I'd replace a few things with these!

I imagine you are great at your job, since you have such passion for what you are selling!!!!

~ Violet

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

It must be so much fun working there. And your customers are very lucky, you have the perfect eye to see what they need!

Kim said...

YOu are so lucky to work there! Although I do think I would blow my whole paycheck each week or at least a few times a year. Fun,Fun,stuff. Glad things are going well for you in your new job!

Sonia said...

Oh I love all those pieces! Good to hear you are busy and surrounded by beautiful furniture. I love Feathered Nest Market too!
Miss Bloomers

Simply Suzannes at Home said...

Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

Oh my, Nita! There are so many pieces that I would LOVE to have!!
Thanks so much for sharing with us!
Have a relaxing Sunday,

Angie said...

How long have you been selling Four Hands at Bob Mills? I ordered a Four Hands dining table and console that was not sold in the store at that time about 4 years ago. Nice young man named Kyle helped me. I tried to order some chairs but for some reason never could get pricing for then and had to go elsewhere.

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