Sunday, December 1, 2013

Open House Sunday

That 70's House!
built 1976
I'm usually not one for 70's architecture. 
But this house is just cool. 
Sure it could use a little paint and few updates but it's wonderful the way the 
architecture is connected to it's surroundings.
All the glass takes advantage of the surrounding views.
It's a 70's dream house for sure.
Granted, it's big.
Huge foyer and big double doors make for a grand entrance.
I hate this room painted in red. 
Nothing more needed than a neutral background to compliment the nature outside.
Wood floors would be nice instead of the stone. That would warm it up.
The red is just so bad. But just a little paint will fix that.
You couldn't have any secrets in this house...your life is on display.
The kitchen needs updating for sure. 
Love the stone covered walls of the adjacent room.
Lots of sitting areas in this house.
The stonework is really pretty.
This space much more intimate for cozy evenings by the fire.
I'd paint those walls white right away.
Big open rooms
Access to the back deck.
This part of the house looks like a charming little cabin. 
Wonderful stone patios
 What a gorgeous property!
See the full listing here.

Could you live in a 70's house? 
I would have said I couldn't but after seeing this one...I could.
Of course it would mean changing all my furniture.


Dewena Callis said...

What I love the most about your Sunday Open Houses is that I can try on the house for size and imagine living there, another lifestyle even. I love to do that!

And yes, even in this one. It would take some paint, but that stone patio would sell the whole house to me. And the feeling that you were part of nature. I hope the right family buys this house.


Yeah, I love some of this houses and I imagine decorating them and the style I would choose for it according to the architecture of it! Lovely home from the 70's.
Have a lovely month of C'mas and week ahead.

Cynthia Myers said...

Of course I love this house!
I'm sure you knew I would. LOL!
I agree, paint the red, white.
And paint the kitchen cabinets white too.
I like the stone floors just because it would be so easy to clean up after my dogs with stone.
Funny thing is, I LOVE big glass houses but then I have most of the curtains pulled in my house!
Hmmm. ???????
Maybe I wouldn't want what I want if I had it?
(story of my life! ha! ha!)
Great Open House post!
xoxo - Cindi

Debra Oliver said...

I'd take that area of stone and the little cabin part and someone else could have the rest. The property looks like it could be wonderful!

An Urban Cottage said...

It feels very mid-Century modern than specifically '70s to me. I think I'd keep it very austere. Maybe stained cement or cork floors and ultra modern furniture with large abstract paintings. And a big split leaf philodendron. I almost like the kitchen, maybe just upgrade the appliances. Very cool house.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

funny to read what Steve would do with it...I think I would do something rustic prairie style. I like the idea of wide pine floors and slipcovered linen furniture with some painted furniture and an antler and floral touch here and there...

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Oh this is too fabulous! How do you sniff these things out, girl?!! We have been to a party on this street, just a few houses over. Parents of Abby's friends, the grandparents had owned the house. Still had the rock wall in the den with a WATERFALL, I kid you not. 1970s kitchen too, nothing in the house had ever been updated. It was like being in a time capsule! Just a gorgeous neighborhood, these homes have such fantastic potential. Bet you could get some of them for $400 - $500,000. My mod vintage daughter would love this one!

Cindy said...

It would also mean buying lots of furniture, no one coming out of a sweet little bungalow would have enough furniture for a house of that size.
It is a house of many faces, I really enjoyed seeing it though. I love the back view that looked like a little stone cottage. And I adored all of the timbers and stonework indoors, I could live with that, IF I had a maid who would dust all of those timbers and rocks!

Nita Stacy said...


Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

That house is wonderful but I have to be honest I wouldn't want to clean all that glass.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Some really great features. But I would first make sure that there are no close neighbours. Also, maybe not were the house is located, but so many windows could make such a cold house if the glass dates from the seventies... And the cost to repair them all with energy efficient glass would be a problem. I love the stone showing though.

Katie Mansfield said...

I could but it would have to be covered in gallons and gallons of white paint to brighten up all that dark woodwork. That house could be amazing. I love the view of it from the back. So cute.

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