Monday, March 4, 2013

LA Shrinks and Kevin

Tonight is the premiere of LA Shrinks on Bravo.
It stars these three doctors and
I only care about Kevin.
Kevin is the Kevin of 

I've been reading Kevin's blog almost from the very beginning and it's a favorite.
You know what I am most excited about this show?
Seeing Kevin's house all the time.
I'm going to bet it will be the break out star. 
I adore his little Hollywood cottage.
I also bet that Kevin is going to be the best part.

You can see a clip of the show with Kevin in it - here.

This is pretty much how it goes....
Dr. Greg comes home and asks Kevin why he can't put his feet on the couch but Kevin can?
That's Kevin lounging all over the chesterfield.
Kevin says it's because he does it barefoot and Dr. Greg wears shoes.
And Kevin goes back to relaxing and reading his issue of...
which just happens to be the issue that Kevin's cottage is shown in!
I think not.

Then Dr. Greg goes to tell how rough the life of a psychiatrist is and 
I guess Kevin just added to his bad day.

Kevin can do no wrong in my book. 

I hope we see lots of the garden around the house too.

My little jade plant that Kevin sent me would like to see his Mother that lives in the garden.
It's grown since this photo last summer and will need a need another new pot soon.

Anyway...I'll be watching tonight and drinking a cocktail while I do.
It's a special occasion in my house tonight.

Watch and let me know what you think.


An Urban Cottage said...

I set my DVR. I turn in to a pumpkin at 10:00.

Shannon Fox said...

Oh Fun!!! Enjoy your relaxing time Nita :)

Anonymous said...

What issue of Flea Market Style is that? I tried to look it up on their site and hopefully be able to view the article, but you can't just type "Hollywood Picker" into their search. Gosh he's delicious, isn't he?

And thank you for posting this!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mick said...

Oh how I wish I had Dish!!! I hope to catch it at a friends house. Keving is a wonderful guy, i've followed his blog for quite some time and he's been reading mine from the start. He even wrote a nice letter about me, and sent me pictures of the Dr's "Rosmary Clooney" footprints concrete paver!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Hey Nita, Thank you for all the kind words. Last night was pretty crazy around here, needless to say. Although, the three glasses of champagne helped a lot. It ain't easy seeing yourself in your under wear making breakfast on TV. Yikes! Stay tuned for next week! Talk soon, Kevin
PS. please don't think I lay on the sofa eating bonbon's and reading magazines all day.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Laney -
I would have emailed you but no email on your comment. So I hope you drop back by to read this. The issue of Flea Market Style was the Winter issue and it says to display till Dec 24 2012. So it would have been out this past fall. I hope this helps.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Darnit I missed it! *sadface* I enjoyed seeing Kevin's adorable cottage in Flea Market Style.

I will look for the replay.

What kind of artist is Kevin?

Interior Glass Doors said...

That was cool interior makeover. Congrats.

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