Sunday, March 24, 2013

Open House Sunday

Urban Cottage in Atlanta, GA
built 1924
The pale olive green with white accents on this cottage is very pleasing.
A precious little sitting room as you come in the door.
So light and bright! Not crazy about the furniture. It's probably staged.
Love the details of the original fireplace.
I love the lightness of the whole cottage.
Love the finishes in this kitchen and that you can see outside through the other room.
Really attractive the way these cabinets envelope a cute little built in wine bar.
The backsplash is really nice.
I think I would have wanted white marble countertops or black granite or soapstone instead 
of the mottled granite they chose. But's very lovely.
A nice bath. Really don't like that granite.
Oh...a psychiatrist's office? How convenient for the homeowner who needs therapy.
We all need therapy...don't we?
I once went for therapy and decided my therapist's life was much more messed up than mine and quit going.
It did what it was suppose to cured me from whining about my own life.
My life was great compared to what the therapist had.

She said that perhaps I had nothing to learn from the things I'd been through.
That didn't seem right to me. If I didn't learn something from it...what was the point?
Although in hindsight perhaps she was right about this. 
I'd done the best I could do in the situation I had been in and it wasn't up to me to change the situation.
It was really none of my own doing.
So maybe she was a good therapist?
I digress....
Nice back living area leading out to the back deck.
A double bathroom.
Again...don't like the granite they chose. And why or why that huge mirror?
Please builders...stop doing that.
The wall would be better left bare so the home owner could choose.
Serviceable back deck. Sure needs some color...but these photos were taken in the winter.
Love the front porch...lots of room out here for summer living.

See full listing here

I'm sluggish today. I've been sluggish for the past four days.
I caught some weird throat cold thing from someone at work.
We have a new girl at work that insists on hugging everyone when they come and go.
She also has had this weird throat cold thing for two weeks.
I've told her not to hug me because I don't want to get sick and she just laughs and hugs me anyway.
I don't hug back.

On Thursday I worked and I was starting to be sick and I told the person I was working with that 
I knew I got it when the new person hugged me.
She said. "She hugs me too! I hate it!"
Then another said they hated and another and another.
So this person is hugging all of us and we don't want to be hugged.
Plus, obliviously, it's a good way to spread disease.

Don't get me wrong. I can do a hug...with my sister...a good friend I haven't seen
in a long Aunt. 

But I don't want my co-workers hugging me every day.
I do hug co-workers when they leave to go work somewhere else or when they are having a hard time.

What do you think? Am I being to unreasonable?
And how do we get this person to stop hugging us every time we come into work 
and leave work?


Cynthia Myers said...

Put your hand up in front of you and say STOP. When she laughs and goes to hug you anyway, say NO REALLY.
That works for me.
Now about the house...I love it, I want it. it's perfection to me.
Even though you don't show an in-ground swimming pool, I image it there, along with a huge level backyard. :)
An old boyfriend of mine is now a very successful therapist in Austin, TX....and that's why I never would go to one, knowing what I know about him. And besides, I have YOU and you've the best! xoxox
(sorry about those hugs! Ha!)

Razmataz said...

I only like to be hugged by people I know well and care about....not co-workers. The house is very nice. I am not a fan of any granite so I would switch that out.

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

I am a totally touchy feely gal, but hugging random people at work who tell me no would be over stepping boundaries. She probably is one of those people who feel the world needs a hug, which is great, but the world does NOT need to get sick. I dont have good advice for you but I guess maybe I would say, "I am not feeling well and I would rather have you not hug me today" if she laughs and goes in anyways step away or put your hand up in a stern way that lets her know you are serious, or throw in joke like "I have been known to karate chop people who step into my personal space..." and thrown in a little giggle to let her know your not PSHCYO but maybe a wee bit crazy- HAHA!

The house is gorgeous btw, I love the character of urban southern homes. Hope you start feeling better!

Sweet Auburn Life said...

I'm with you, I have no desires to be hugged by any of my colleagues! Why??
I have a cold too and am feeling sorry for myself as I really want to finish my Easter decorating but am just not feeling up to it. :(

Little Cottage on the Pond said...

Tell her you have some contagious skin disease- maybe she will stop!

Love the house listing, and I am with you on the granite- yuck!

Liana Sanjana said...

Your blog is inspiring! follow you back with pleasure:)

Dewena Callis said...

This cottage has had some major TLC, if not through the years, at some point. I love it, minus the granite. It seems like just when we could afford granite it started going out of style! At least we chose the absolute black but according to what you see in shelter magazines it should have been honed.

Love the other two stories today: I do wonder how many pay oodles of money to see someone whose life is more messed up than their patients; and the hugging--a lesson to me. Even though I'm not as bad as your co-worker I do offer a hug too quickly or used to. Not so much lately and believe me, in the future, after reading how you feel about it, I will sure tame the impulse! I do listen to you! I hope you feel better soon.

Kit said...

Yuck on all the hugging! I agree, I only hug my daughters, Mom and hubby. It reminds me of the Seinfeld when everyone was kissing Hello and he hated it. Drives me crazy how on the Housewives of BH, they double kiss each other everytime they get together. Just say NO! :) Kit

Annette T. said...

Since everybody is against her hugging them, maybe you could ask the manager to post a bulletin to the effect that due to the flu season and colds, and just to respect people's spaces, please no hugging of your fellow employees. It might work and might not. Loved the story about the therapist!

Lottie said...

Just say "Stop" when she comes near. In my workplace (before I retired), we all got together and asked the boss to talk to an employee about hugging. The boss talked to the employee about sexual harassment policy and the hugging stopped. It was awkward for awhile because the employee would start crying when she saw us, but after a couple of months everything was ok.

The house is beautiful! I didn't mind the granite in the bathrooms.

Amy said...

Like the dog trainers that say put your knee up to prevent big dogs from jumping on you, cross your arms out in front of you in an " i dream of jeanie" pose when you see her coming in and state emphatically "DO NOT HUG ME" . no need to worry about offending this one or being nice

Cindy said...

I like to hug, but I'm careful about who I hug and if someone seems to resist, I don't EVER hug them unless like you say, they need it. No, I don't think you're being unreasonable.
I LOVE that cottage! It's just adorable, and as usual, I agree with all of your observations. Wouldn't the kitchen and the bathrooms have been gorgeous in marble?!! I love marble, it can make anything pretty and elegant.
Hugs, Cindy

Cozy Little House said...

I'm with you on the granite. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Bad choice. Mirror: bad choice. Porch: great choice. About the co-worker: I think you all must tell her that sickness trumps hugs. They gotta go. Not really what I would think in a work place anyway.

An Urban Cottage said...

What a cute place. Decorating a few odd things aside, it's a great place.

I'm a no-hugging zone. That wouldn't work for me either. If it's unwanted, it's inappropriate.

Jan's camera said...

This house is just lovely. I clicked on the link for the full listing but it did not take me to this house. Do you know how I can access the rest of this listing? Thank you.

Donna White said...

Ok..maybe I shouldn't laugh at your hugging employee comments, but they were too funny! Sounds likes a great movie scene for a Jennifer Anniston type chick flick. Please sneeze in her face tomorrow morning. Lol

Cyndia said...

I hate being hugged by random people. I will hug my friends to death, but not just anyone! I also have an autoimmune disease, so when someone moves to hig me and I don't want it, I simply take a step back and put up my hands, saying "no hugging today, please!". You don't owe her an reason. She's overstepping boundaries. That's not good.

srpprcrftr said...

If you don't like to be hugged by any and everybody that is your right. Not everybody is so openly affectionate or touchy. And if somebody is sick for Pete's sake they ought to have enough sense not to spread it.
I worked at a place where I was very fond of several of the people and we hugged often. I'm not always that way, it depends on situation and the person. A few of the ladies and I still hug when we see each other and I love that they still feel that way about me as I haven't worked with them since 2007.
Put your hand up and say no thanks to your "hugger". Hope it works. Happy Easter and Spring

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love the potential of the house, the staging they did, not so much... But if it was mine, it has such good bones, that it wouldn't be a problem.
I loved your shrink digression... It's so often that people supposed to help us are more messed up than we are... And it made me laugh to read about your experience.
I don't like hugging colleagues either and that's very unFrench, so people at work tend to consider me cold and distant. I'm not, I care about them, just not enough to hug them every single morning!

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