Sunday, December 4, 2011

Open House Sunday 29

A Charmer in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma City
(built 1945)
I love all the ivy and the landscaping plus the blue shutter and door on the brown background of the house.
Colors flow to the inside too. How about that stair runner? Very pretty.
White slip covers mixed with white trim and white furniture and wood finishes. 
The blue continues into the dining room. 
and the kitchen
I'm not a fan of the green and white stripes but it is a cheery room for a baby.
Now, this is more like it. Of course I love the pink and turquoise in here.
More blue in the master.
Nice big closet
Deck off the back.
and a nice green lawn
Could you want any more?

Sorry, my posting has been light this week. I'm trying to manage my new jobs.
Both jobs have fluctuating schedules so from week to week I do not know where I will be on which day.

I met one of my readers yesterday while I was at Target.
Hi Belinda!
That was fun. 

I'm moving to the Service Desk this week.

Oh...yeah...a promotion already.
They say it's because I am more mature.
And said they didn't mean it in an old way.
I have my doubts.

I would say this is a great compliment except the other woman who just 
got moved there didn't seem like she was capable of conversing with another human being.

Maybe she was just nervous or it was an off day for her.

I hope there are lots of returns tomorrow to keep me busy.

I worked till close Friday night.
1:30 am
I cried all the way home.

It was me and a bunch of teenagers cleaning up the store. 

Promise me I will laugh about this one day.


An Urban Cottage said...

I'm sorry you cried all the way home. I worry about you.

I like the outside of this house but pretty much hate every color inside. Living room is nice though.

Lisa said...

You will laugh about it one day - just not anytime soon...
The all over the place schedule is one of the worst aspects of the job. That and working with people who don't give a hoot about doing a good job. No matter how menial the job, I want to do my best. You don't want to know how many hours I spent sweeping the garden center at five different Lowes. I tried to use my "brainless" to come up with creative ideas. You have to work hard at not letting places like that squash your spirit. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean.
I recently had such a job, but graveyard shift.
I found myself driving home every morning, saying,
'Thank you, Lord, for the job.
Thank you for the income.
Man, I HATE this job.' LOL
How great to be able to pay all the bills with leftover...

Anonymous said...

When you move on to something bigger and better, you may not laugh at your Target experience but you will most definitely be grateful that you've moved on! Hang on ----- better things coming your way! Jana in Texas

Kathy said...

I think the best thing that you can do is continue your blog and keep sharing your experiences. You have so many readers that have connected with you. Your creativity will not be squished. Every where you look and the people you meet will spark some memory and an idea will begin to grow. Truly this is one of those bumps in the road and something amazing is going to be waiting for you. ((hug))
Wow , this house is pretty -but Wow what a price tag! The hardwood floors look beautiful and I love the open spaces. Would love the master bath and closet. :-)

Sonia said...

You are obviously do a great job if they moved you to the Service desk! I am still trying to make it back to Pier one by next weekend. I love this house...I live right at Lake Hefner and love driving through Nichols many gorgeous homes! Love the Christmas lights too! Hang in there!
Miss Bloomers

D.B. said...

One thing I miss about Oklahoma City is driving through Nichols Hills. We lived off of May and Wilshire and I drove through it everyday to work (off Bdwy Ext).
Nita, hang in there girl! We went through our "debacle" and many many blessings came out of it. We are on year three of recovery and things have really turned around. I know it's horrible when you are in the middle of it but it is true - this too shall pass and usually better things than you could have even planned are the result. I know you know all this but I just want you to know, been there, done that and think of you everyday! Sending love and strength your way! "Keep that sense of humor - it's critical." (Mr. Mom)

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh retail at Christmas. I did that many a year. It is exhausting. Love that house but what is with that blue tarp over that crib? Never seen that before. Is the baby a jumper? I could move in though. Great kitchen.

oldblackcatboo said...

OK, is that the dust ruffle not pulled all the way down or is the bed sheet just hanging out! Sorry, I got so distracted by that.
Um, kinda HATE the outside and nothing too FAB inside. Oh well, we can't all like the same thing.
I'm sorry you are going through such a horrible time. I remember working 2nd shift at such an awful place and then I would come home and have a cocktail which lead to me eating JUNK! I think about THAT job everytime that I am HATING my current one. Please hang on, it's always darkest before the dawn...or whatever.
I agree with Kathy, keep blogging and know that so many people care about you and are pulling for you!
XOXO - Cindi

Karen said...

Love Nichols Hills. I could drive thru there every day and find something else to love about it. There is one house in particular I dream of living in. It's not the largest or most expensive but everything about it just screams "home" to me.

The job thing is a quandry but you should be proud of yourself. Yeah, it sucks but you have the grit to get past this or you wouldn't even be doing this.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I agree with Elaine...I could move right in!

I love the shade of blue in the dining room & kitchen.

Cyndia said...

Nita, I meant to write this last week when you sounded so down but got pulled away by responsibilities...
I was thinking how proud of you Suzie Orman would be! You are being up front and homes about your situation and diving in to do whatever you must to rectify it. That is something to be very proud of. Otherwise, pride has no place. We forget that these days. Our grandparents worked hard and sucked it up no matter what it took to house and feed their families. I remember my grandmother raised five kids in a house with one bed for all and a wood stove. You are doing a great job!

Sharon in Chicago said...

I'll come and visit those of you that move in! Me, I like the storybook cottages in Nitas neighborhood better. Besides, I'd be closer to her so when we hire a masseuse to give our poor aching retail feet a rub I won't have far to go! (I'm just picturing your cute babies trying to nose their way in while we're getting the foot massage)

TiKiMOOSE said...

I would imagine Target is a very hard place to work and those late hours just suck for the employees.
Did you ever think about working in a bank? I never see them open late... whenever I pull up after work they're locking the door and leaving. How great you met a reader
of your blog, that must have been neat. I do like the runner going up the stairs.

Danice said...

Your home is lovely, and I am now following your blog :)

Linda Hartong said...

Congrats on the move up. They recognize quality when they see it.

Belinda said...

Hi Nita! :) So glad I got to meet you, but next time we need to meet for drinks or lunch or thrift store shopping - something fun like that!

Be careful driving home so late at night! Glad we didn't get the wintery mix/snow like the weathermen had talked about!

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