Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Dream....

a Dream

Every year at this time...I start to dream that I will have a dinner party in my backyard and it will look exactly like this. I actually have crepe myrtles that grow very much like this. This could be my backyard except the coloring is different as my crepe myrtles are pink. I imagine stringing patio lights through them and setting up a covered table and chairs. But then here comes the hard part...preparing a meal or even picking one up and having people over. I think maybe I'll just set it up for me and the weenies.

This photo has been around forever but I love looking at it. So I opened it on my computer today. Which got me thinking about other backyard inspirational photos I might find. So I went on a search and include them here.

source of all:

I think all of these are from the defunct Cottage Living magazine. I loved that magazine. I still have many of the back issues but I wish I had everyone of them. 

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