Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I'm listening to now...

Amanda *#!@#* Palmer

Amanda Palmer is definitely a Mod Vintage Girl. 
I just got her new CD. 

Evelyn Evelyn

It's just beautiful and fun and gothic and vintage and modern. It's like listening to a broadway show. Sounds of the circus mixed with huge orchestrations and some rock and some punk cabaret. It's sad, it's disturbing. It's delightful. 

Click on the link above to hear all the tracks from this CD. 

This cd is co-produced and performed by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley

performing as Evelyn Evelyn
a pair of siamese sisters

From the website about Evelyn Evelyn:
Drawing on their background in circus performance and an eclectic range of unlikely influences, the Evelyn sisters have crafted a collection of timeless new genre-bending songs full of humor, sadness and double entrendre.
Over three years in the making, "Evelyn Evelyn" incorporates the talents of over forty musicians and special guests to create a playfully dark musical landscape filled with diverse orchestration. The result is a blend of story and song quite unlike anything you've heard before.

Amanda Palmer was one half of the Dresden Dolls

and her last CD was a solo effort called 

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
which is also great.

Check out these images of Amanda. I love her eyebrows....don't you?

Amanda Palmer: Living the Mod Vintage Life.

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