Saturday, April 17, 2010

Exciting Day!

I'm being featured today 

over at

Doing a happy dance, then going back to bed this morning. 

It's a rainy day here but in the Blogosphere it's always sunny. 

And I'm a happy girl being showed off on Hooked on Houses by the lovely Julia.

If you are here then you really don't need to go over there to read about me but there are so many other things to read. I love her indepth reports on movie houses every Monday and on Saturdays she picks interesting stories out in Blogland to show off (hence why I am featured). But there is much more than me there. Just go take a look at the "Party of Five" house in San Francisco or photos from the new "Sex In The City" movie.

The bad mls photos are always worth a chuckle.

And I love the colors used on her blog...turquoise and orange. Super Sweet.


Victoria said...

Congratulations to you!!! I'm going to go and take a look at her blog:)

Lamp Tramp said...

How fun, I'll go check it out!