Tuesday, April 13, 2010

May I Introduce...

{The Mean Queen}

This is 
Violet Olivia LeFleur 
She's called the Mean Queen because she rules the roost. She's the boss dog in my little group. She bosses me around too. She really isn't mean at all....she's just bossy. And she's a woman of status. She is never mean to the other dogs...but she is their leader. They watch her to see her reaction to things. If she walks up to the food bowl the others bow their head and look sideways to see if it's ok for them to eat. It is always ok for them to eat. I have never seen her be mean to any of them. Unless she beats them up while I am not here.

If they are all playing and bump into her, she will softly grumble and they all look at her like..."we are sorry, Mean Queen".

Such a pretty face. She is very, very sweet but as I said, bossy. She will be in the other room and bark and bark for me to come and I'll find she wants something moved out of her way. The others will walk around things but she will bark for me to come move it.
She is also my talker. She grumbles in a soft grumble to tell me things. She'll grumble in my ear when I tell her I love her. 

Me: "I love you Violet"
Violet: "grummmhmmmmgrummm"
Me: "I really do love you. You're a good girl".
Violet: "grummmgrowumpgrum"

One time the others were being super silly. Acting crazy and I said to them.
"You guys are crazy. What do you think, Violet"?

I swear she looked at me and said, "ah grunno". (I don't know)

It was so funny. 

My Mom has her two sisters. Their names are Daisy May LeFleur and Rosie June LeFleur. 

Daisy is a talker too. She has stuff to tell my Mom all the time. 

Violet is very well behaved. The only one of the weenies that I'm not embarrassed to take anywhere. She's always a lady. She loves being in the living room with me. The others aren't allowed in here...they jump all over the furniture and throw the pillows everywhere, so they aren't allowed in. But Violet can come in here any time she wants to get away from those crazy dogs. I think she would really like to be an only dog. When I take her to activities where there are other dogs. She ignores all the small dogs and runs up to the big ones like labradors and collies and says hello and doesn't even look at the little dogs. 

I have taken her to the Weenie Dog races here in OKC a few times and she will walk right past all the dachshunds and only pay attention to the big dogs that have been brought just to watch the race. It's embarrassing, other weenie dog owners will come up with their dogs to talk and say how pretty she is and she will totally ignore them and walk past to get to a big dog. She won't acknowledge the little dogs at all. It's like they are invisible to her.

When we go to bed at night...she absolutely will NOT follow me into the bedroom...I have to follow her. If I get there first...she stands at the door and stares at me and will not come in till I leave the bedroom and get behind her and follow her in. This can be exasperating.

She acts like a Queen and I am her lady in waiting.

She is the one that tells on the other dogs. I go outside and can instantly tell by Violet's face that Newman is doing something he is not suppose to. She never digs in the yard but often oversees Newman's digging. She will sit by the hole while he digs. He'll dig, then step aside, then she'll walk up to the hole peer in and step back and look at him..as if to say "Proceed".

Ok, she says enough with the pictures...I've got places to go and people to see.

Violet's Song

Have You Seen Violet?
Violet Olivia 
Violet Olivia, the puppy.

Have you seen Violet?
Violet Olivia
Violet Olivia, so pretty

Have you seen Violet?
Violet Olivia
Violet Olivia, so lovely.

Have you seen Violet?
my Violet Olivia
Violet Olivia ...the puppy!
(Sung to the tune of "Lydia, Oh Lydia, Have you seen Lydia, Lydia the Tattoo'd Lady)

Each of my dogs has their own song. I always make them up a song when they are little and sing it to them. They get to know that it is their special song and their ears pick up when ever I sing their song. 

I know you will think this is silly, but they really do seem to enjoy having their own special song sung to them.

Well, now you have met the Mean Queen, Violet.

It can be discouraging living with someone that looks so pretty all the time. With no effort at all. Oh...if only I could wake up looking pretty like that and not have to do a thing to my hair.


Victoria said...

What a darling dog, she does have a regal look to her with her long nose! I love her name! I had a little cockapoo but I had to give him away after my divorce because the apartment didn't allow dogs:( He had chewed on my headphones and I would sit and look at the teeth marks and cry! He went to a really good home where he's spoiled rotten ever since:)

I'm glad you liked my Big Lots shelf and mirror, I will do an update when they get painted white. Have a wondeful day!

Marie said...

Well Violet Olivia LeFleur is just the cutest little pup! Perfect name for a Queen. I have three pups also, and the latest one I named Coco Chanel...not original but a cute name for her.

Chick said...

So precious! Your blog is beautiful!

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

I think Violet is just adorable. What is it about those long-haired cuties that makes them irresistible?!

KC Sheperd said...

Yay! Pics of your dogs! I'm so glad you posted this so I can finally 'meet' them on paper.. Violet is such a Queen Diva, but you can tell she keeps all the 'pack' in line, and doing what they need to do! Pretty girl!

Holly Diane said...

She's beautiful! I have two dachshunds and two labs. When we take the doxies to the dog park they will only pay attention to the big dogs too! they really don't want anything to do with anything their own size. Too funny.

I love that she makes you walk in after her to the bedrooom. One of ours (Dexter) has to go outside ahead of everyone or he just won't go and totally acts insulted if this happens. too funny!!

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