Saturday, March 7, 2015

French Iron Daybed

And Deidra's Back in Town
Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Deidra who is back in town for a couple of weeks.
She moved away last fall. 
She used to live in my neighborhood but now lives in Springfield, Missouri in a cottage in the woods.
She says it's really a neighborhood but feels like she lives in the woods.

Well, I had the day off and we started the day by having Thai food at our favorite Thai Restaurant.
Then we hit a few stores downtown.
In the last store of the day in the backroom...we spotted an antique french iron daybed.
It really came from Paris...the store keeper told us.
Well, I have wanted one of these forever!
I always imagined lounging on one in the garden.
I wish I'd thought to take a photo of it with my iphone but I didn't think of it.

Well, Deidra went nuts for it. 
I don't think she would have ever really considered one when she lived in her other house
but her little house in Springfield is a precious little cottage and she said she had just the spot for it.
It looked much like the one above.
It didn't have quite as much rust. It had just the right amount.
She asked the price and said she wanted it and the deal was done.
It came with a brand new custom made mattress too!
I can just imagine it sitting at the Paris Flea Market much like that photo above.
At first Deidra said it was going to go in her garden shed that she is turning into a garden folly.
But then she said it might end up in the guest bedroom.
or perhaps her studio
I'm sure wherever it ends will be lovely piled with pillows and quilts.
I'd say it is very much like that one above.
She asked me if she should put it outside.
I said I loved that idea but would not want to ruin the perfect patina.
So I personally would not do that unless it was a covered area.
I can just imagine an afternoon nap on it in a setting like the one above.
It really was quite a find. And I have to say I am a little jealous that it isn't mine.
Not too jealous cause I was happy she could buy it.
There is no way I could afford it, anyway.
Hopefully, soon I can go visit and enjoy it in it's new home.
I would like that.

She said it would be my special spot when I came to visit.

What did I buy?
A shell. A big conch shell. 
I can never resist those when I see them in an antique or thrift store.
Then we went to the movies and saw....
It was very enjoyable. Not as good as the first one.
It definitely had a bigger budget.
More Hollywood-ish and kind of corny but still enjoyable.
A feast for the eyes for sure and I'm not just talking about Richard Gere.
After the movie we headed down to the Paseo for the monthly Artist's walk.
Ending the evening with drinks at Picasso's.
All a much needed diversion after a few weeks of miserably cold snowy weather.

I hope it's warming up your way.

more fun to follow...cause....
Deidra's Back in Town!


Sonia said...

Oh so pretty Nita! Glad you got out and enjoyed a day with your friend. Today the sunshine is out and I'm so tired of gray dreary days. Your post just makes me happy. I love love old iron beds. Now I want one too!
Maybe your friend could share a picture of where she ends up putting hers. Enjoy the beautiful weekend!
Miss Bloomers

Stacey said...

How fun to actually buy the bed instead of look at it from afar. :) You'll have to make a trip to see Deidre so you can see the bed in its spot.

Can't wait to see the movie. Loved the first one!!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Nita,
Glad you got out with your sweet friend and had a great day together. Ohhhhh La la that day bed is gorgeous. Your friend is going to love that piece no matter where she puts it. Ha Ha I would tell her to leave it at your house and that would be the perfect place for it lol!
Enjoy your friend while she is visiting.

Michelle said...

Hi Nita. I'm a longtime follower, but haven't posted in a while. This sounds like my kind of day. I live in the Edmond area and love Paseo. And I've been wanting to see that movie. My grandmother had an old bed like this... I sure do regret not getting my hands on that. I always enjoy your posts!

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Nita. I have been looking for one for years now... I did find one down in a French shop in Passadena Ca. And why did I not buy it when I have the chance, well mostly due to already buying an iron bed at a shop days before.

I have a perfect spot for the day bed, or one similar to your friends... I also would love to see one out on the front porch, or tucked into a bay just for looking at and an occasional rest and dream place.
You sound like you had so much fun?

See you soon



Victoria Kirton said...

I love those daybeds! They are just so dreamy and romantic. I have one at home that is more of an iron crib. I can't wait to dress it up with lots of pillows now that I saw all of your photos!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

beautiful collection of daybeds! just dreamy. tell your friend to buy a can of Modern Masters Exterior Dead Flat Varnish. It will protect the finish on it now.

Cynthia Myers said...

I have a daybed in the basement but nothing as nice as these photos.
I thought about getting rid of it but now you've inspired me to drag it upstairs and maybe put it out on the front porch...or maybe the patio when the ice melts.
It sounds like you had the most perfect day. I'm so glad, you really need to have some time to just relax and have fun!
(I hope Violet is dong well, I have her in my thoughts and prayers.)

Art @ Home said...

Now I'm obsessing over daybeds.....these are so pretty.....and although I don't have room for one, I could always MAKE room for one! ;P

maxi proudly said...

wow this is stored in outdor,
why I never thought of doing it ...
maybe if I try this would be my weekend getaway, and relax with a daybed with trundle in my backyard :)

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