Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 Oscar Fashion Recap

Are You Sick of Oscar Talk, Yet?
Too bad...I have to weigh in with my thoughts on the fashion that walked the red carpet Sunday night.
Lupita was the big winner of the night.
Best Supporting Actress, Best Speech...and for many Best dress.
She was was second favorite dress and it was amazing!
She was a breath of fresh air!
Everyone was talking about the headband. It acted as a simple crown for the princess of the night.
I kept thinking I wonder if that headband is hurting her right behind her ears?
You know how they do. After you've worn them a few hours they start hurting that 
bone behind your ears. I was hoping it wasn't hurting her.
But I bet is was. I've never had a headband that would stay on my head that didn't hurt.
I loved the color of the gown, although under strong lights it looked a little washed out.
I wished it was just one shade darker.
Amy Adams wore blue. Many said this gown was not glamorous enough.
But it certainly fit her like a dream. Hard to fault a dress that fits like that.
This is probably the best I've seen Sandra look. I think it's kind of boring.
But it is a knock out. I just think I've seen this dress before in a different color in a different year.
 Some of the men were sporting blue too. Here is Kevin Spacey in a charmed navy tux.
And rounding out the blue crew....Liza with a Z.
At first I thought she looked pretty good. I liked the blue streak in her hair and was glad to see her wearing a color other than black or red.
Then I noticed the unfortunate lack of undergarments!
Does she not have anyone that knows her that can say..."Liza...Put on a Bra!"
She was there with her sister...so surely Lorna could have said..."I'm not getting in the limo with you unless you go back in and put on a bra!"

But then..maybe she did. There have been times in my own life when I've told my own sister to
go in and put on a bra and it was met with discord and refusal. 
Still I will never get that above image out of my head....
and now neither will you!
Ann Hathaway wore a breast plate this year...I wonder if this was because she was accused 
of showing a little nip in her satin gown last year?
I didn't really care for this dress. I didn't mind the jewels but having them go around her waist
made her waist look wide. Which it is not.
I wanted to like this dress Julia was wearing but I just didn't.
I think because the fabric looked stiff. If it had been drapier, I probably would have liked it.
Love Meryl. I think really she should have won best actress.
She was amazing in August Osage County. 
You really didn't like her...and I thought it was impossible to not like Meryl.
Kate Blanchett was excellent in Blue Jasmine and deserved the win.
But man....Meryl looked awful in her movie and was totally believable.
You forgot it was Meryl. 

Ok, Meryl's dress...I love it here...I didn't think it looked very good when she was sitting down.
But I do like it here although its a little bland in the color department.
Check out the skeleton in gold beads behind her. That girls needs food immediately!
Gabby looked the prettiest I've seen her look. I really loved this dress on her.
She's all out there in radiant orchid.
I love that fabric the skirt is made of. All the little petals.
I do not like the belt thing. I wish something more interesting had been done and not centered.
I think it would have been prettier set to the side instead.
It's a good color on her.
Charlize did typical Charlize. She looks like a award statue herself. 
This is gorgeous. But I'm a little tired of her looking like a goddess.
I'd kind of like to see her look a little more real.
She looks just like that famous painting Madame X.
Ok, maybe not just like her but you see the similarities.
Ireland Baldwin is a beautiful girl but her dress was terrible.
It looks cheap...I'm sure it wasn't but it looks it.
Continuing with the reds...Jennifer Lawrence was great in this orangy red dress with peplum.
I loved this dress worn by Bette Midler! Just loved it. 

Now we go into a sea of flesh tones....

I like dresses in this color way...but there were too many of them.
I hate this dress that Goldie Hawn is wearing..too drapey. Not very flattering.
She needs to take notes from Helen Mirren who always looks beautiful.
But this dress is very Goldie except for the color.
Jessica Biel's dress was tasteful although I don't think it was the best color for her.
She looks really washed out. 
Do not like this dress on Kristen Bell. It has too many things going on.
Many raved about Kate Hudson's dress saying it was old Hollywood Glamour.
It was...but I didn't think it really seemed like her. 
Matthew's wife looked radiant in this soft pink. So unusual that the dress had sleeves.
So tasteful...pretty and elegant.
Many didn't like Angelina's dress. I thought it looked pretty during the telecast.
But looks dumpy in the photos. It makes her look fat and we know she is not.
But I think it was just the way it photographed. Look at the silhouette here!
Here...it's wonderful! Maybe she has gained a little...that would be a good thing.
This is Channing Tatum's wife. 
I have to admit I've managed to not retain her name and I'm not even going to look it up.
I'd rather pretend that Channing Tatum didn't have a wife.
But I LOVE this dress on her. One of my very favorites.
 Here they are together...He's the best accessory ever!
I didn't like Jennifer's dress at first until I saw her walk across the stage 
and the skirt was really fun the way it moved. 
I think her hair is really dull. But it rained earlier in the day. My hair would have been a dud too.
Another pale dress. I want to like this on Penelope but I don't. 
I thinks it doesn't need all the drape on that one arm.
This is a huge departure for her. She usually dresses all sexy.
It's different to see her channel Audrey Hepburn.
 Kristin Chenoweth wore an art deco influenced gown.
It's flowy yet structured.
 Lady GaGa had the same idea but in pale pink.
 I really liked this dress worn by Ellen's girlfriend, Portia.

but my favorite of the night was.....

Kate Blanchett in all this sparkly wonder.
Oh...this was soooo marvelous.
My only criticism...that it might be a little young for her.
Seems like a dress someone in their 20's should wear.
But she was perfection in it with perfect hair and perfect makeup.
What is up with everyone having nude lips?
The nude lips work here...although I would have done just a teeny bit more color.
My only complaint - Those big dangly earrings. 
I think they are too long.
This dress has such classic lines....and those earrings just don't.

Well, those are my opinions of this year's Academy Awards dresses.

Yes, I'm full of criticism...
I'm available as a stylist for any of these actresses for next year!

Which was your favorite dress?


William Stoneman said...

Poor Bette...looked like she held up a sleigh full of elves and stole their Christmas ornaments.

the cape on the corner said...

i agree with you for the most part, except your number 1! yes, the color on lupita and the shape of the dress, but on her figure...talk about highlighting a skeleton figure. i hated staring at her pronounced bones with the plunging neckline. i thought sally field's dress was pretty and age appropriate.

Nita Stacy said...

William! I loved that dress...but I guess it did look a little Christmas like.

Diane said...

My favorite dress of the night was Amy Adam's beautiful blue fitted dress. I love simplicity, so this dress really appealed to me. I loved the dark blue of Kevin Spacey's tux as well. Although, I love Lupita, I think her dress emphasized her slender frame too much. I didn't like the plunging neckline at all. I seem to prefer simpler styles and lovely upswept hair for the award shows. So nice to see Liza and her siblings at the awards too. I missed some of the show, so thanks for the great fashion review!.

Cynthia Myers said...

Hands down I love Lupita's dress.
Several other pretty ones too but...
I like Meryl and Bette's dresses.
Both perfect for them AND I like their natural beautiful faces.
Both Goldie and Liz and starting to look scary.
and Liz? Her boobs are all over the place. Kinda gross. Lift those girls up and give them some support.
I'm laughing over goddess remark!
So true but go watch "Monster" and you will feel so much better.
Great post.

MimiG said...

My favorite dress of the night was Sally Fields, so age appropriate with glamour.. 2nd choice - Olivia Wilde's maternity gown. She looked stunning. Did not like Lupita's dress. And, I too thought Amy Adams dress fit her to perfection.

Marta Chan said...

Lupita is also a great actress! I prefer simple dresses :)

Debby said...

Kate's dress was my favorite as well.
I loved Lupita's dress except for the middle exposing those ribs.
Sally Field and Jennifer get overlooked. They are such sweet women.
I remembered seeing one that the bust was so weird. I didn't see it here. I thought Liza looked nice until I saw it here.....yes, she needs a bra. I didn't think Ellen should have made the comment she did. But, I think Ellen made the Oscars.
It's fun to rehash it all. I didn't stay up for all of it. The pizza was so funny.

Traci Creel said...

I love Amy Adam's dress. It is so classy.
I hated Julia Roberts' dress, way too much going on.
Loved your review.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I don't watch the Oscars because of a) the time difference - b) the channel it's on in France is one I don't have (not a free one).
But I LOVE reading the dress reviews on blogs.
You chose so many, I think we could chat about them for hours.
Amy Adams looks fabulous, but she could show in pajamas and still look fabulous I think. I was very disappointed with Liza Minnelli, though... I'd rather forget that image of her.
Tatum, wife is Jenna Dewan, which I only remember because she was a dancer... But you can erase it from your memory if you'd rather think he's single ;)

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I liked seeing what you thought about the dresses and the ladies in them. You always notice a lot of details that escape me. Like Liza's undergarments. I couldn't get past how her face had been totally changed with surgery. She didn't look like herself, which is why I have to admire Sally Field looking like Sally, just older. Its hard getting older, I understand that and in Hollywood it must be awful. As far as the dresse: I loved Lupitas dress the most, but I think I love pale blue and it was just perfection on her. I loved Naomi Watts dress, in white, it was elegant and classic. Those were my two favs. I did not like Julias dress, it looked frumpy with all those layers of lace and in black it looked like she was going to President Lincolns funeral. I did not like Amy Adams dress, too boring and her hair was too severe. I felt like Sandras dress was too much like a prom dress. I was thinking Mrs. Pitt looked fuller too, but then I remembered she had the double mastectomy and had two new (XL) breasts rebuilt...so that might have changed her silhouette. But she still looked great and seemed to be having fun in the audience with her hubs.

Teddee Grace said...

The dresses weren't an issue for me, it was the absolutely horrific plastic surgery showing up on Kim Novak, Liza Minelli and, I think, even Sally Field. They all looked like the Charlie McCarthy puppet. Cheek implants? If these gals end up looking like this for the money I'm assuming they can afford to pay, keep me away from the knife!

Renee said...

I love reading your opinions…while I liked Lupita's dress, I didn't much like it on her. It was too low-cut and she looked very skeletal in it. I loved Cate Blanchett's dress, though. Truly loved it. You were on target with the rest. The plastic faces were very scary. Glad I don't live in Hollywood…I think too many people get caught up in looking young. What they don't realize is that they don't look young with plastic surgery, they look frightening!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

I could continue talking about Oscar fashion for another month :) I bet you can guess my fave, which of course was Bette Midler's! Shocking I know, haha. But for the first time ever, I really loved many of the softer colors too. The one I dislike the most was Goldie Hawn's, but then I just think she needs to dress her age, which she never does. and that facelift ugh. Adored the art deco dresses too, just beautiful. And I would give my life savings to see my daughter styled like Sandra Bullock, she wore a flowy dress like that for her 8th grade musical and she just OWNED that thing! A true princess moment :) But when the high school formals rolled around everyone was all into the short dresses. Or black. They don't realize that when you grow up, your only chance to daydream about dressing like this is when you see the red carpet!! OK thanks for indulging us, this was a lot of fun! xoxoxoxo

Miss Kitty said...

My daughter works for the Academy organization and I actually got to go myself to the Oscars this year! I got a good close up look at Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie's dresses...they were just fabulous in person all sparkly. Julia Robert's dress looked like it came from a department store. Kristen Bell's dress swallowed her up...she is little. My favorite dress in person was John Legend's girlfriend's...a pink and brown floral silk dress with a full skirt. The train filled with air when she walked...it was beautiful to see in motion.

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