Sunday, March 23, 2014

Open House Sunday

Tudor Cottage in OKC
built 1929
This cottage is not too far from my own. It's not in my neighborhood it's just north of me.
It's on a street near Crown Heights but it's not actually in Crown Heights and it's 
price reflects that. If it was in Crown Heights it would be about $40,000 more.
That's on a very nice street.
I actually took photos of this house a few years ago because their flower boxes are gorgeous.
That's it above in full bloom in the middle of summer.
 see that post here
The living room sports a great vintage art tile fireplace.
I'm not in to leather furniture at all but people love it and I'm sure I'll be selling lots of it soon.
Wish I didn't have to. I'm against any animal by products in my home.
This room needs some help in the decorating department. 
I do like the beginnings of a plate wall in the dining room.
Of course I love that desk...that sort of thing is right up my alley but not that wallpaper!
 All is redeemed when you see the kitchen. 
It's very cute.
 I wish my own kitchen was this shape. 
I think this is a very nice layout for a small kitchen.
I love these big hall built ins. I so wish my own house had this. 
It would solve so many problems for me.
I really kind of like this bed. Perfect for leaning back and reading a book.
I'm surprised there is carpet in this room.
Very cute vintage look bath. That is not the original floor or sink or toilet.
And I don't care for bead board in these homes. 
They would have had tile originally on the wall, not bead board.
So I wouldn't do this. But it does look nice.
 This is a fun bedroom. Notice the stencil on the back of the bookshelves?
Nice covered back deck. I wish I had something like this over my own deck. 
Looks like wisteria is growing up on it. 
This will be very pretty later in the spring.
backyard could use some trees and landscaping
I do like that little tree by the garage. 
Look at that massive wisteria vine on the arbor!

See the full listing here.

I hope you are having a wonderful first Sunday of Spring!
I'm off today. 

I finished up my training for the new job on Friday and I start the real stuff
this coming week. 

I got the weekend off before the official job starts.

That is good.

The weenies didn't know what hit them last week because I had to get up so early every day.

Poor puppies. 

Starting next week my schedule will change daily. 

One good thing...when I drive home each day I will drive past the OKC Farmer's Market.

This week...they were putting out all the flowers and shrubs. 

I'll be tempted to stop every day to buy stuff for the yard!

Have a lovely Sunday!


paperjunk-lc said...

Love this one. So much potential and a great kitchen. That would be twice the price in Dallas.

Good luck on your new job and have a great week!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I have that very same built-in unit in our upstairs hallway! What I love about this house is the number of windows letting light into every room. Our bathroom is the same set up as this one, too, but I wish the previous owners had installed a black and white tile floor instead of the beige tile, that's here to stay, unfortunately. I hope your new work schedule works out for you and the wienies, Nita. Thanks for the Sunday morning tour!

Cynthia Myers said...

Well, I LOVE that kitchen and the bath!!!
The rest of the house is very nice too, just not my decorating style.

I wish they hadn't cut down that tree though.

Vicki said...

Nice. I bet it is very pretty when everything's in bloom. They need you to add more plates and a tablescape to the dining room. :) It could be really stunning in there- it's cute already.
Good luck this week!

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

I'd so love to move into this one! I could really make it "sing". Of course, I'd have to have you and the weinies over for fun under the wisteria! Liquid refreshments might be involved.

vintage girl at heart said...

The things you could do in that house!It has great bones and I love the kitchen too.I'd love to see butcher block or reclaimed wooden slab counter tops though.
Good luck this week!
If you get some market pretties make sure to share with us!!
I'm lovin' this weather!

An Urban Cottage said...

I'm not sure if I like that they took out the tree in the front yard. It does let you see the house better without it but it also looks like a pretty crabapple.

It's a great house. The kitchen and bath have already been done which are really expensive to renovate. And a nice big yard. That would be well over a million here so it seems like a great price.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love the kitchen! And everything else should be quite easy to transform to my taste.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

What a sweet house! And a sweet price, how I wish something was available around here in that price range!! Love the pretty brickwork above the front windows. The height of the roof definitely looks like it could easily accommodate an upstairs office/storage area. So much potential in the back yard too. Like us, they probably put that bead board in the bathroom to hide the hole from taking out the old gas heater. Which are illegal to have now, btw, our plumber told us, we had no idea. I know it's not historically correct but dang, that bead board costs about 1/10th of tile and takes about 1/10th of the effort to put in too, lol. The whole house looks like it's immaculate, what a great buy for someone! Wish it was me :)

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