Sunday, August 11, 2013

Open House Sunday

Dallas Tudor Cottage
This pretty cottage was sent to me by a reader a few weeks ago.
But my bad...I didn't get it posted fast enough...the listing has already disappeared so 
I can't link to it or tell you what year it was built. (early 30's I'd guess)
But that doesn't keep it from being fun to look at.
It's got great curb appeal!
I love the way it's painted. 
The contrast of the timbers, stucco, multi color brick and large flagstone all mix together nicely.
Wouldn't you love to spend a summer afternoon on this porch?
What a great outdoor room! I really like the furniture they chose.
What a big porch! French doors out to it too plus a lovely view of the neighborhood.
The living room has a nice cathedral ceiling and another little sitting room through the arch.
Look at all the arched windows in this room!
Special art tile fireplace too.
This house is decorated very nicely. 
It's in warmer colors than I prefer but its pretty and very livable looking.
Arches on both sides of the room. That is unusual!
Warm inviting dining room. Unusual original chandelier in this room.
I love that big print on the wall of some sort of general. 
This owner has quite a collection of transferware!
All of this is so pretty...but I'd love to paint some of this furniture...wouldn't you?
Inviting little den.
Breakfast nook with wonderful built in.
The kitchen in this house is super nice.
It's got all great finishes. 
Black granite, subway tiles, bridge faucet, stainless appliances plus a little breakfast bar on one side.
That's unusual.
I love the drawer pulls. I need these myself. 
Wish the stove had a fancier hood and then it would be perfect.
This kitchen is large for a house of this age and style.
Pretty comfy bedrooms.
But here is what I really love in this house....the bathrooms!
How about an original peach and green one?
We'll call this bathroom - A
Bathroom B is lavender and black original tile. Wow!
And bathroom C I would guess is a new one built to look old.
I wish they'd used more tile on the walls in this one instead of beadboard but I love all else.
I think this would be the upstairs hall.
The back deck is a great spot too although it doesn't compare to that front porch!
From the back, you can see where the house has been added on to over the years.
Here is the important question which bathroom do you like best?
A, B or C?
I'm crazy for A and B leaning more towards B.
I think it would be so fun to paint these and accessorize them to play up the colored tile.
I don't think they are living up to their full potential.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday.

Weather is absolutely gorgeous here!

If the summers were like this every year in Oklahoma everyone 
would want to live here and it would be called California!


Pam @ Frippery said...

Wow Nita, This is a good one. I love your open house posts. They have helped get me through a rough time this year. Now that the bad stuff is all but over I am enjoying visiting all the more. I would have to choose A because of the adorable little tiled in cabinets and niche for the sink. But I would take any one of them. I love every room in this house and would love to play and decorate it. Of course the front porch is best of all. Thanks for sharing all this fun, Pam

Debra Oliver said...

this is an amazing home. love it all, and the wall color is perfect!

20 North Ora said...

Beautiful home and ohhhh that front porch!



Yes, this beautiful home does look like it's from the thirties and I love the architecture; not much the color decoration hues throughout it. I like the fun vintage bathrooms, though. Have a great week Nita.

Pondside said...

I'd put an offer in for it! I liked bathroom 'B' best - but loved the whole place.

Kelly said...

That is a charming cottage! I loved the arched doorways. Loved that last bathroom and the kitchen. The older I get, the more I like older homes too.

Linda said...

I really love A & B, the two original, that tile is awesome!!!! I really love the whole house, decorated very nicely.

paperjunk-lc said...

So glad you liked this little cottage. You'd love the "Lakewood" area of Dallas. The homes sell pretty quickly in that part of time.

Have a great week.

sheri said...

I want that lavender loo!!!

Diane said...

The furniture in this home reminds me of the Colonial period. I think it's beautiful in every detail and I can see how it sold quickly!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Gorgeous home...inside and out!!

Donna Wiley said...

I love this house. I'd buy it in a split second.
I'm so glad that they kept the original bathrooms. I like B the best with A a close second. The black and lavender color scheme is very dramatic but the tile is gorgeous. It's like a work of art. I especially like the arched shower door.

Cindy said...

Really beautiful!I love all of the bthrms, too, but A would be my favourite and C next, just because they are both so big and A is original. I'd love to have any of them in my little house!

CeCe said...

Maybe I am boring, but I love C. I love original in a home but I am not a lavendar girl, at all... so A would be my second choice. I do also have to say...I love beadboard. The favorite thing about the house, for me, though, is the front side porch... Lovely...

Traci Creel said...

I think I am in love. Of all the homes you have featured this is the one I want. I love everything about the house even bathroom C. And those little arched window make me swoon. I will even live with the not-so-special range hood. While I like bathroom C decorating bathrooms A and B would be so much fun. I think B is my fav.
Thanks for the tour of my dream house.

Sonia said...

What a great house! I love the arches and the big porch. I love Bathroom B but think I would be able to live with C...just because it's neutral and I could change the look of it with towels, accessories etc. Thanks for sharing this pretty home!
Miss Bloomers

Blues said...

What a wonderfully charming home! I love it. I could live there :) I like bathroom B. I love the pedestal sink with the built in's on either side. I like every room of this house and that front porch is awesome. Would be fun to know where it is and how much it sold for! I love seeing the houses you post. I think this one is a favorite for me.

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