Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glam Renovation

Jill's House
A Hollywood Inspired Makeover
Last week one of MVL's readers, Jill shared her kitchen renovation that cost her only $3,000
and looked like a million damn bucks.
I showed it here. I was impressed and so were many of you.
She told about buying her carrera marble subway tile at Lowe's.
Here's a photo to refresh your memory.
I went to Lowe's last night and sure enough...there it was.
It is very very pretty. It looks so expensive but isn't.
I was like...I need this....NOW! 
But then I'd also need to redo countertops too...and then it starts adding up...
and I am in the middle of repairs to the brick on the outside of my house.

I mentioned last summer that the birds are eating the mortar out between my bricks 
in certain spots of the exterior of my house.

It was so bad that four bricks fell off. So I had a brick mason who specializes in historic homes come do 
an emergency fix on the bricks that fell and give me a price for pointing the bricks everywhere else on 
the house that have lost mortar. Pointing is what they call putting more mortar in between the bricks.
I could only afford the emergency repair today but must start saving for the much bigger job of fixing 
all other spots before they get bad.
So it will be awhile before I can do a kitchen renovation of any sort.
Jill told me she'd redone the rest of her house too and I asked if I could see.
She sent me these photos over the weekend.
Jill's living room before
Jill's Living Room After

Oh...I've always loved those wall mount gas fireplaces like her's. 
All the silver accents really make this place glamorous.
Silver floor mirror - yes!
Is that a purple lampshade? I believe it is.
I have a feeling she was inspired by her book collection.
Jill added the mirrors to the front of the chest.
Jill loves mirrored furniture. I do too but haven't gotten a piece yet
and haven't got anything I can add them to..yet.
Jill's dining room before
Jill's Dining Room After

The accents of purple are inspired.
The wall paint is Ralph Lauren Impressionist.

This is such a beautiful house transformation.
It's modern yet has a sort of a 1930's art deco vibe.
I think Jean Harlow herself would be very comfortable in this home.

That Jill...she is
Living the Mod Vintage Life!

All I can say is...I want to see the rest of the house!

Of course if she is anything like me...she is still working on other parts of the house. 
But we'll see if she sends me more. I'm sure you wouldn't mind seeing it.

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Kirby said...

This looks wonderful!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Jill, you rock! Your makeovers are fan-freakin'-tastic! Too, too pretty. Thanks so much for sharing Jill's genius with us, Nita. :D

Methinks I must needs a glamorific living room....but I have promised to convert it into an art studio for myself and my thirteen year old...Oh, well...a girl can dream!

the gardeners cottage said...

hi nita,

you know what i love about jill? i love that she did not settle for living in a bland box. she took the time and effort and obviously lots of love and transformed her place with not a lot of $. i love that. v inspiring. thanks for sharing. the place is gorgeous!


Comeca Jones said...

Im speechless seriously.Beautiful.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

You always have the best home tours and this one is no exception. Lovely!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

wow, what a fantastic transformation - very glamorous. I am still thinking about those birds though, had no idea they would eat mortar- amazing!

Anonymous said...

Her home is simply fabulous! What an amazing makeover!! Xoxoxo

Accountant By Day said...

wow - just WOW!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...


Olive Cooper said...

I love that mirror and the silver touches here and there. She does have MVL down Nita.

oldblackcatboo said...

Wow! Looking at Jill's beautiful home leaves me in awe and also makes me feel lazy! I love the clean modern lines. I hope we get to see more of her home! I love her style. Thanks for sharing!

I'm gonna Google that mortar it something only a professional can do? Or could you squirt mortar in between the bricks with something?....

Allison said...

Jill's home is beautiful! I love her glamorous style. She's done a wonderful job with everything and I'd love to see more. I like her framed photos of her cat and dog in her entry way. I'm also wanting to know where she found her gorgeous dining room chandelier. That is stunning!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

This kitchen certainly does look like a million bucks. I get really excited when I see individuals do a great reno on a very small budget doesn't reflect the style. Thanks so much for sharing.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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