Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trisha Brink Design

Fantastical Imaginative Cottage
Home of Trisha Brink
I hesitate to even show this cottage for fear my own home look bland in comparison. Even though I am painting my front door periwinkle. Last coat of paint to go on today. At least I hope it's the last coat of paint. We are on coat 4.

I was on Flickr the other day and happened upon a group of photos that led me to this blog of the very creative Trisha Brink. 

This was the photo that stopped me dead in my tracks.
The mix of dark wood with the aqua. Why didn't I think of that? I'm in the middle of painting my own dark wood sideboard white. If I had seen this photo first...I probably would not have.

She has since this photo was taken restyled this area adding new lamp shades from Target.
I think I like version 1 best. But I love this too. I would enjoy swapping them out - flowers in the spring/summer and the egg plant ones in the fall winter. Which do you like best?
Again, two versions of the same area.
Love those lamps. See that quilt on the sofa? I have that quilt or HAD that quilt. It succumbed to the very bad Sally. She has a thing for eating quilts that are on the bed. A quilt only lasts about 6 months with her around. She chews holes in them. You end up sleeping under a quilt that is like swiss cheese. I've given up on having nice bed linens on the bed while sleeping. My nice quilts have to be put up every time we go to bed because she will eat them. She used to do it to sheets too but seems to have given that up. Gosh I hope. It's very weird. She is very weird. She is sitting in my lap as I type this. Her favorite place to be....so I can't get too mad at her.
Trisha's darling vintage kitchen. Absolutely love those cabinets.

Ok, I'm off to put the final coat (I hope) of paint on my front door. Big reveal coming soon. I had to buy a whole gallon of Martha Stewart's Bluebird to paint the front door. They said they couldn't mix in a small quantity. I love the color. So a lot of things might be getting painted that color around here.

Be sure to go by Trisha's Blog


Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

You manage to find the coolest sites! I'm going to visit now. I agree with you, I like the eggplant shades the best. Looking forward to pics of your new front door. Lisa@SuburbanRetreat

Lindy said...

What a fun place to live - I love it. Beautiful and serene. Thanks for sharing...Can't wait to see your door!

Amy Chalmers said...

I like the before too, but I think she may be doing if for the summery look and then will switch it around...I know I am constantly switching things from room to room or worse. I have accepted my condition! lol

Natasha in Oz said...

What a fabulous place-I love it! Thanks for letting me know about this blog.

Best wishes,