Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh Little Pink Chair

Seize the Crochet Hook!
The other day I saw this cute little crocheted chair on a link party.
It was made by Clara at AmiEggs

Something about it seemed very familiar....

Very cute...
 It looks like my pink chair!

You can make your own pink chair....Go to the AmiEgg Etsy Store.
To purchase a pattern. She has many other cute things to crochet too.

I love to crochet but haven't in a long while. 

I told my friend Deidra just the other day...
 "If I'd known
in my twenties, 
what I know now, 
I wouldn't have spent 
so much time 

Youth is not to be wasted on crocheting.
She laughed and laughed at this because she wasted her twenties doing drugs and having meaningless sex and doesn't regret it one bit but thinks my crocheting in my twenties is very sad indeed.

In my youth I thought it great fun to drag out the ol' yarn and patterns and crochet a whole Christmas tree worth of snowflakes or make scarves or doilies! Doilies!! Doilies? WTF?

I think I even said to boyfriends..."Not tonight....I have some crocheting I want to do".

Clara at AmiEgg who designed this little pink chair is 23. My advice to Clara is to go out and have fun and save the crocheting for middle age. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. I want her to learn what I didn't know till it was too late. Clara's creations are little pieces of art. She creates these patterns herself...they are quite brilliant. Not really to be compared to the snowflakes and granny squares I was making. But you are only young once.

What was I thinking back then?

Mr. Knight in Shining Armor was going to come charging into my living room on his horse and tell me to put down my crochet hook and ride off into the sunset with him?

I came to my senses in my early thirties and knew I had to leave the apartment to meet him. I did eventually meet him...and the irony is, 
when all was said and done, 
my time probably would have been better spent crocheting!

But if anyone reading this is in their twenties and is sitting at home crocheting....stop... put down your hook and yarn and go, get out...out...out!

Because when you are middle aged, you'll realize that you should have been having as much fun as possible and crocheting is really not THAT much fun.

Of course if someone had given me this advice when I was younger...I wouldn't have listened....especially when I saw things as cute as these...

I thought I had my whole life to be out dancing and flirting....but I was wrong....I had my whole life to be at home crocheting. Still....these are pretty irresistible. 


Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Your post is too funny! I was too busy having fun in my youth to worry about doing anything domestic. Now tonite, at 45 years of age, I'm starting my first sewing class. Go figure.

Lisa@Suburban Retreat

Unknown said...

LOL...loved this post!!! those are way cute pink chairs!

Marie said...

Key - yute! That pink chair you have is absolutely cute...so pretty and girly!

Cindi Myers said...

First off- OMG! I have a chair almost identical to YOUR pink chair! I got it at a moving sale last month for $25.00 because the springs needed to be fixed (and it's dark green...not my fav color but the "roundness" of it and the wood trim got me!)
Once again, I'm so happy I found your blog. I TOTALLY agree with you! When you are young you should live it up and have good memories!
I could lie and say that I was crocheting too but I was doing all the things Deidra was doing................sigh.
Um, what were we talking about?

Olive said...

I am so tired but you have made me laugh so much at this post. Crocheting or what? Oh my goodness!BTW your pink chair is to die for. I am not very tall and I imagine it is comfortable.

Lilacandgrey said...

Hi Nita,
Thank you so much for your concern about Boomer...He is doing better today I can report. We have been to the vet (I am a neurotic when it comes to him) and the vet thinks it is something he ate that was upsetting his stomach...we switched to dog food and treats that cater to dogs with "sensitive stomachs"...He is much much better, and slowly getting back to normal :)

Erin said...

Your chair instantly grabbed my eye over at Funky Junk. I love your chair, and your decor. I became a follower....so Icould see your lovely style!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh my gosh... I love BOTH pink chairs! LOL on your story! That's hilarous...


rayndrop said...

this made me laugh my head off! (i came from funky junk interiors.)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I am not one to comment on blogs....I am a certified lurker!!!! However, I saw the chair on "Funky Junk's" link party, so I thought I would look more closely at the chair.....and THEN I saw the dogs!!!!!!! OMG, I have 3 dachsunds, two that are black, Miss Ellie and Sandra Dee, and we have Bessie (whom we call "Moo" who is white with a red head. Yours are toooo cute! And your blog is divine!

Nita Stacy said...

Hi Anonymous! I hope you come back and read this. I can't send you an email since it doesn't show up in your comment. I'm so happy you found my blog and enjoy it. I'd love to see photos of your dogs. Love their names. Come back again and include your email so I can write you!

SharonA said...

I must say that Yes...indeed a strange way to spend your youth, But, i am certain it was a relief to your mother to know that you were not the one out "on the town", Your little pink chair is adorable...But... I want your BIG pink chair !! That chair is to cool! , One that is a chair of my dreams, Tell me how to make that!!, I am happy that "My" chair has a home that loves it!