Monday, August 30, 2010

Secrets from a Stylist

Emily Henderson - Design Star Winner
New Show
Did you watch last night on HGTV? 
I haven't said anything about this season's Design Star because I thought it was so bad it wasn't worth talking about. Of course I watched each episode but was unimpressed by each and every one. I thought no one was standing out as a huge talent. Well, somehow...the panel of judges managed to choose the right person. And I have to say Emily did rise to the occasion in her last two challenges, giving us beautiful rooms. 

So last night I tuned in to her new show "Secrets from a Stylist" not really expecting much and was very pleasantly surprised. I think one of the reasons she won is because she is so natural on air. She's very casual and cute and charming in a very unaffected way. And her show was fantastic! I watched it twice. She redid the new home of her friend Ian Brennan who is one of the co-creators of "Glee".

He'd just bought a 1920's cottage in the Hollywood Hills and she "styled" if for him. I have to say that I think this must have been so much work because she figured out what his personal style was and then incorporated three different types of decorating into his living room. She set it up with one style and then another style and finally a mix of styles. So much work...showing the room in all three versions. I have to say I was partial to style number one with just a few changes. I loved some of the 60's stuff she brought in. I could have done without the moroccan influences she went with. I am so over about anyone else?

Here's his little cottage...
I was hooked as soon as I saw it was a vintage cottage they were redoing.

And here is what his living room was like before Emily redid it.

the after

before - strange little room

after - darling guest room

I love this bed tucked into the niche.
Pretty dressing table using a trunk and old mirror.

before - master bedroom

after - pretty yet masculine

before - office

After - office/den
She actually tucked his desk into a closet in the room because he said he rarely sat at a desk but instead used his laptop sitting on a sofa.

See more over at 

Did you watch last night? I'm enjoying "The Antonio Treatment" too from last year's winner, Antonio Ballatore. But I really loved Emily's show. You can keep updated on all Emily is doing by reading her blog here.... 
the cute - Emily Henderson

I'm very excited to see HGTV doing more design orientated shows again. I am sick of back to back House Hunters. I'd really kind of given up on HGTV till these latest new round of design shows. 

I'm having a nice quiet Monday. For the first time in weeks there is no loud noises going on outside my home. Thank maybe I can get back to my regular exciting as that is.


Amy Chalmers said...

Nita, Did you read on my blog that a production company that does shows for HGTV contacted me to audition me for a new show they are going to do involving design!? I agree about House Hunters! Enough already! I didn't realize Emily's show was on last night, darn it, I thought Design Star was over and was kind of bummed. Anyway, I think it would be so fun to get a chance to be on an HGTV production myself one day, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Nita Stacy said...

Isn't that exciting! I think they are showing "Secrets from a Stylist" again tonight according to the HGTV website schedule. I can't believe HGTV has not contacted me to do a show about decorating around weenie dogs.

Olive said...

Thanks Nita I have stopped watching HGTV but will check this out. You are offically my cultural ambassador now. hugs♥olive

Unknown said...

I totally agree about HGTV and the endless hours of House Hunters! I think Emily's show is going to be worth watching as well. Can't wait to see more!

Cindi Myers said...

ummm, er, well....
maybe I shouldn't even comment.
I don't have cable so therefore no HGTV but do they use what is already in the home or bring in the stuff?
I really don't like that big trunk in the guest room. In fact I'm not a big fan of that room at all, except for the wallpaper and being claustrophobic, I don't care for the bed tucked in tight....
I'm tired tonight so maybe I'm just cranky. I like your home much better and I would ADORE to see decorating around any kind of dog. If it's not pet friendly, well then, I need to keep looking (and the funny thing is that most of my home is white! but at least I can bleach it all!) sorry that I'm being so negative! Time to get some sleep! Goodnight!
Grouchy Cindi

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Nita, I agree! I was pleasantly surprised at the end result of the show b/c I was so disappointed in the beginning! I'm excited to see what Emily brings us!
And SICK of all the boring House Hunting shows! Why they think we want to see all those "beige and neutral" houses is beyond me!

Marie said...

I missed that show too coz I wasn't excited about her winning either. I do like the bed tucked in a niche corner though. Maybe I'll watch the show next time.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - - I liked the first version of the living room probably the best. Although, I just couldn't like the portrait of Benjamin Harrison over the fireplace; and it was all wrong for the house and its period anyway.

I would have preferred seeing what appeared to be a Spanish/Mission bungalow restored and styled truer to its era and original design. . . while incorporating some of his favorite colors and ideas. HGTV sometimes has a habit of ignoring the 'bones' of a house when they do a redesign/restyle.

But overall, she did a credible job.