Friday, August 13, 2010

Paint Colors for the House

Still Living in Ugly Paint Land
These photos were my inspiration for my house colors that I cannot get right.
They come from places on the internet that I now don't remember. I do know some came from Brooke's trip to Carmel as seen on her blog Velvet & Linen. If anyone knows the perfect color....I bet Brooke does...I think I'll email her.
 I used the Sherwin Williams site to approximate colors but found that the colors although accurate to color family are much darker in person.

This is the look I am trying to get -

and this is what I got

Thats the old roof in the picture....the new roof is a little darker and blue/grey. If anyone knows of the perfect color please let me know.

At this painter is just waiting for me to call him. If this last round of changes to the paint doesn't work....I'm going to have to start from scratch.



Karena said...

Nita, what if you take a sample piece of your tile and have a custom color done for you!

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Olive said...

I do not know what to tell you. Our neighbor is going through the same thing and had eight stripes painted on her house. Finally decided but I still think it might turn awfully dark. The gallons of paint are already mixed and purchased so no going back for her. I am taking photos for my blog for later. hugs♥olive

Victoria said...

Sorry but I am of zero help here, clueless about paint colors but your house sure is gorgeous:)

Cindi Myers said...

Have you seen the color you want on anyone's house in your area?
If so, go up and knock on their door and ask them what color it is!
(Or if you are like me, have your sister do it for you! My sister is so gutsy, I have her do everything like that!)

Atticmag said...

Very difficult to see any color differences with the small photos on my screen -- it's not clear from your post what you're going for.

Color matching can be a problem and I only did it once as I found it unsatisfactory.

For exterior paint, I went to Fine Paints of Europe oil-base for the exceptional durability. Their exterior colors are excellent as are Farrow & Ball's. FPE is offering a free sample pot. I like their grays a lot. Perhaps there's one there for you. They can do custom colors.

Thanks for stopping by. Will look forward to seeing how the house comes out.

Unknown said...

Try Munger Paint at NW 50th & MacArthur. If anyone can help you, they can. They are the best with paint and paint colors. They will also know what the builders are using right now and what the hottest trends are.