Sunday, July 7, 2019

Open House Sunday

 built 1910
This is my friend Becca's house. It's in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City.
A very sought after neighborhood.
 (oh yeah...this neighborhood is way too cool for me)
Or at least at night anyway. I can only go during the day. It's too young at night.

Twenty years ago this neighborhood was very run down, drug ridden and didn't have much going for it.
Now it's home to hip restaurants, shops and galleries.
Unfortunately, Becca is in the middle of a life change and is selling it.
She had it decorated so cute. Take a look -
 These photos were taken back in winter - so brown dead grass - sorry.
The house to the west of her was a real dump when she moved in but it got a 
complete modern transformation and recently sold for $750,000.
 A pretty classic entry. I love that little french chair in the bright color.
 looking into the living room
 I love the big open doorways in this house.
That's a large dog crate there to the left. Serves as a tv console and dog kennel.
 Love this kitchen. The Barq's cooler really works! 
Becca had it fixed. Not long after she moved into this house she held a Root Beer Float Party
complete with alcoholic Root Beer.
She was inspired by this cooler. 
Lots of fun, hot dogs and root beer floats.

 I love the mix matched chairs.
 Really love this kitchen. It's a nice mix of modern and vintage.
 Becca threw some great parties in this house.
I love the exposed brick.
 I love that it's a square kitchen. I wish my own kitchen were square instead of a galley.
Master is just through the doors from the dining area.
French doors off this room lead to a deck.
 Love the shower in the master bath.

 There are a couple of bedrooms upstairs.
Notice the cute lockers in her son's room?
 A lovely vintage inspired bath.
I'd kill for a bathroom this big. My own is very small.

It's a great home. I'm sad I won't be going to any more parties at this house.

See full listing here.


vintage girl at heart said...

So charming. I love her decor details. Her dog crate is so unique.I was missing your blog and the old days and so happy to see that you’re posting again!

Joanie said...

I'm so glad you're back - I loved reading your blog

Tammy said...

What a beautiful home.

Amy Chalmers said...

Glad to see your critique of an open house....and so interesting that you used to party here and have fond memories. loved that dog crate idea.