Sunday, July 21, 2019

Open House Sunday

 built 1930
Last Sunday Mom and I went to look at Open Houses in 
the historic neighborhoods of OKC. As we like to do. 
This house was my favorite of the day.
I knew it was special as soon as we walked up the path.
The a giant tulip tree takes center stage in the yard.
The beds were planted with shade loving plants that thrive in the
shadow of this huge tree.
 Lots of red touches outside. That door is so Hansel and Gretel!
Notice the red furniture on the side porch and red flower pots throughout.

A step inside reveals a precious entry complete with new floor tile.
 The living area is large and bright.
Decorated in a modern feminine mix.
 The focal point is this fireplace. I was amazed by it. 
I've never seen one like it.
The plaster work is exquisite.
 Isn't it lovely?
a shelf with baskets is an odd thing to put inside.
I'd have candles or perhaps a large fern for the summer.
 I love how light and airy this room feels.

cute little built in

 through the door way - the dining room
the dining room definitely has a modern feel
 the kitchen is traditional.
I'd prefer it white but the gray makes a statement. 
Mom loved the butcher block counter tops.
 up the stairs takes you to finished attic space
 I'd paint this all white and turn it into an art studio.
 what a dream of a space to create in
 Back down stairs a bath.
 guest bedroom
 another bedroom
 at the back of the house - a hallway with storage
that steps down to this back master bedroom
with large master bathroom
but the best is yet to come....
this outdoor patio just off the master
I could have spent all Sunday evening out here.
As it was, we stayed till the very last minute of 4pm.
I did not want to leave this oasis.
 It just goes on and on.
The whole backyard is a mini vacation. 
Filled with luscious growing things.
a spot to read a book
complete with hammock.
See listing here

So Mom and I hit 4 open houses last Sunday.
We were going to go again this Sunday but I have 
a new project I'm working on.
A client of mine bought a store and she wants my help revamping it.
So I'll be working tomorrow on an inspiration board
and ideas to spruce up an existing store.
I have lots of ideas.
I'll share when done.

Have a Super Sunday!


Amy Chalmers said...

Oh what a cute house, a bit modern but cute. And how exciting to work on a shop! I can't wait to see what you do!

Judith said...

This place is so cute with many great features. The exterior is as big of a draw as the inside. BUT, I found the black trim and roof jarring against the rest of the house. I wonder what happened to the wood floor that was surely original to the entry? Lastly, what's with the weird window in the LR that doesn't match the others? Not trying to be a nattering naybob, but for $164/sq. ft. these points might be raised by potential buyers.